interview with Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep

On the occasion of the preview to the Italian press of his last film, The Post, the director Steven Spielberg arrived in Milan together with the two protagonists of the film, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep . All three attended the press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan. Here is the record of the meeting with journalists.

Q: Did you choose to shoot this film because you believe that press freedom is threatened?

Steven Spielberg : "I believe that Freedom of the press is a right that allows journalists to be the true guardians of democracy.This is what I was taught when I was young and remains an incontrovertible truth.When Nixon tried to deny this right to publish and make known the Pentagon Papers and even it took a Supreme Court ruling, as the Court of Appeal had effectively prevented the New York Times from continuing with the publication, it was truly an unprecedented act and it was the first time it happened American Civil War Today we find ourselves once again observing the real threat to freedom of the press and this means that there is an absolute relevance of those facts of 1971. I have the story discovered thanks to the screenplay by Liz Hannah and Josh Singer. "

Q: What were the reactions of the American press?

Steven Spielberg : "From the American press we have had a lot of support and demonstrations to support the film, a press that has to repulse every day the attacks that the administration has to fight against misinformation, and too often sees using very easy labels like fake news, when a story that is published does not appeal to the president.The film has met with much support beyond the political message and the defense of freedom of the press. for the figure of Katharine Graham, for this woman who was so beautifully interpreted by Meryl Streep, she found herself at the top of her profession with a great difficulty in finding a voice that would allow her to assert herself, in a world ruled by men, both in the profession and in the society itself.

At such a crucial time this voice found it putting everyone to their I believe that the emotional core of the story of my film concerns precisely this figure of a woman who manages to be herself and find a voice. And for the first time in my career I found myself portraying a complex human relationship like the one that existed between Katharine Graham and Ben Bradlee. I had a huge fortune to be able to work with two great actors like Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. "

Q: Meryl Streep, what can a figure like Katharine Graham teach today's women?

Meryl Streep : "The screenplay was written by Liz Hannah and was purchased by Amy Pascal six days before the election. We all thought it would be a look back a bit 'nostalgic and that would have been a very interesting screenplay in view of a woman president, because it was something that everyone took for granted. Instead, the day of the election came, and then an increase in hostility to freedom of the press, an increase in attacks on women. Something that was shown right at the top, at the height of our government. In a certain sense it was a bit of a reflection on what we have not done and how much work we still need to do. "

Q: Is courage to be learned or is it necessarily something innate?

Meryl Streep : "First of all we can say that the courage we are talking about in this film originated from Daniel Ellsberg, a person in a certain sense close enough to the institutions. He had worked for the government, for the RAND Corporation, for the State Department, and had been a journalist soldier who had decided to challenge the law against espionage and to steal the documents to get them to New York Times' Neil Sheehan. With this publication the American people have come to know something terrible.

Four administrations had lied to the people and President Nixon was doing everything to suppress freedom of the press. It was an act of great courage on the part of this woman, head of this newspaper. A woman who almost felt she was not in her place. Courage can be learned. I think Katharine Graham has learned it but we do not teach her enough to our girls. Ben Bradlee, so beautifully portrayed by Tom Hanks, was a man of great courage. He decided and agreed to put everything at risk, just to tell the truth. I believe we should teach it to our young people. Learn Courage. "

Tom Hanks : " The great Ben Bradlee was a very competitive man. A beast. He had a great passion, a great determination to have a story in his hands. Not just any story but History. In June 1971, the Washington Post was in competition with the Washington Star, which at the time was the number one newspaper in Washington DC
And the idea that the NYT could have a story that the Post did not have, kept Ben awake Bradlee the night, because this made him mad. "

Q: Meryl, you're one of the most active Hollywood stars in the fight against violence against women Why did it take so long?

Meryl Streep : "Because human beings are beings that learn very slowly. But it is certainly not a new battle. I can not say the reason why it took so long, but one thing I know: I know that the air has changed. It's changing. And this is not happening only in Hollywood, but in the military, in various sectors, in every workplace. The situation is changing, it is changing. There was this great openness because the names that are written in large letters in Hollywood have come out thanks to the rebellion of these women. People felt brave, they felt able to do something. I predict that there will perhaps be a few steps back but then we will continue to move forward. "

D: Steven Spielberg, what do you think is the current state of things in the relationship between man and woman? [19659002] Steven Spielberg : "To answer your question I should probably be the greatest novelist, I should be a qualified sociologist or the host of an important talk show on American broadcasters that also broadcast in Italy. I should be the classic person to whom everyone is asking for advice and has no problem giving advice to anyone. But let's talk about an absolutely archaic theme, which dates back to the dawn of time. It has so many centuries of history behind it, on which rivers of ink have truly been written in the form of novels, books and essays. Movies were made, series and mini-television series were made. Women have shown throughout the story that they have the strength to break the mold in which men force them to be and try to make them stay. I certainly do not have the right competence to be able to provide exhaustive and correct answers but I think that precisely because of the examples that the story reports on the ability of women to find their place, to be leaders and to have a say, I think that the problem is mainly for men.

They are the men who have not yet learned, they have not yet shown the will to be able to control themselves, to behave in an absolutely adequate way, to accept a 'no' as an answer. As long as men are unable to accept a 'no' as a response from a woman, this struggle for power will continue. I hope that the film we have shown can inspire many women. Women who like Kay Graham, have difficulty in having their voice. Women who can finally find the courage to impose themselves. "

The CEO of Warner Bros. admits that copying Disney will not work for the DCEU

Warner Bros. CEO, Kevin Tsujihara believes that the DCEU can not succeed by attempting to copy Disney and Marvel. After numerous attempts to launch a universe shared around DC superheroes, the Studio took off officially in 2016 with Batman v Superman after laying the foundations with The Man of Steel .

Justice League a few months ago, brought together the best heroes in the world for the first time on the big screen: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.
The film was considered by some of the project's participants as the most anticipated superhero movie of all time. Unfortunately, the cut with which the film was set was rather confusing, not to mention the lack of key scenes, for which it obtained critical acclaim from both critics and the public.
Warner Bros. immediately the mockery of many fans, both DC and in general, especially for trying to copy Marvel with Justice League . The CEO of the Studio, Kevin Tsujihara admitted that trying to replicate what Marvel is doing would not benefit the DCEU at all: "Warner Bros. needs to keep doing what he always has done: producing and doing more and more business We can not do what Disney has done It worked really, really good for them, but it's not what we are We have to keep creating a film program for the future, of all genres. "
Warner Brothers initially it was probably the most successful Studio for the production of comic strip films, until the Marvel Studios dethroned it, especially with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Apart from the various DC films, the trilogy on a more successful superhero is that of The Dark Knight of Christopher Nolan . It is interesting to note that in the past the projects of Nolan, together with projects like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter were the prerogative of Alan Horn now president of the Walt Disney Studios and supervisor of both LucasFilm and Marvel Studios.
The next projects by DC will be Aquaman of James Wan and Shazam! of David F. Sandberg .

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Wonder Woman among the nominees to the PGA … but on the web already begin the theories on the 'plots'

Wonder Woman was a huge success with audiences and critics and, despite this, has also generated quite a few detractors (including James Cameron ) who do not think that a movie " so simple "should receive so much attention.

In many, in fact, think that the fact that Wonder Woman is a film about a very strong woman protagonist, has brought industry to recognize far more merits than those that the cinecomic had. Rightly or wrongly, meanwhile, the film took home a nomination for the next PG Awards . Usually the titles chosen by the Producers Guild of America, at 75%, are also nominated for the Oscars … that the film Patty Jenkins has, therefore, a possibility?

What is certain is that the conspiracy theories have already started for the network. In fact, for the first time in history, the nominees are 11 against the 10 always, and according to the conspirators this to forcefully insert a film like Wonder Woman who, otherwise, first ten would have found no place.

Here is the list of nominees:

  1. "The Big Sick"
    Producers: Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel
  2. "Call Me By Your Name"
    Producers: Peter Spears, Luca Guadagnino, Emilie Georges, Marco Morabito
  3. "Dunkirk"
    Producers: Emma Thomas, Christopher Nolan
  4. "Get Out"
    Producers: Sean McKittrick & Edward H. Hamm, Jr., Jason Blum, Jordan Peele
  5. "I, Tonya"
    Producers: Bryan Unkeless, Steven Rogers, Margot Robbie, Tom Ackerley
  6. "Lady Bird"
    Producers: Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, Evelyn O'Neill
  7. "Molly's Game"
    Producers: Mark Gordon, Amy Pascal, Matt Jackson
  8. "The Post"
    Producers: Amy Pascal , Steven Spielberg, Kristie Macosko Krieger
  9. "The Shape Of Water"
    Producers: Guillermo del Toro, J. Miles Dale
  10. "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri"
    Producers: Graham Broadbent & Pete Czernin , Martin McDonagh
  11. "Wonder Woman"
    Producers: Charles Roven & Richard Suckle, Zack Snyder & Deborah Snyder

In a side note, Zack Snyder published a photo showing the AFI Award awarded to him: "American Film Institute is proud to recognize Zack Snyder and the creative team of Wonder Woman for his contribution to the American cultural heritage."

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Ron Howard wishes us Happy 2018 in a "galactic" way!

The celebrations for the new year may be over – and some of us are still feeling the aftermath of the evening – but there are those who can afford a stellar greeting: it is Ron Howard the director Solo: A Star Wars Story, which hopes for a great 2018 … So!

The new year, although it has not yet come out of the programming in the hall Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens with the expectation of another chapter dedicated to Galaxy far, far away .. . Only: A Star Wars Story, May 25 in the US and we can not but be excited about the idea!

More or less than the director who, in the end, brought the project to conclusion, Ron Howard . In wishing everyone a good 2018, it says absolutely "pumped" for the arrival of the new year which, as mentioned, will see its galactic "creature" projected in cinemas around the world. Here is the caption of his post Twitter which can be found in the entirety below: "Ron Howard @RealRonHoward Happy New Year from Team #Solo. We are absolutely pumped for 2018!" [19659002] The new image seems taken from inside the Millennium Falcon with a pair of mysterious hands that are at the cloche of the aircraft: will be those of Alden Ehrenreich ? And who can say?

How curious are you to see the Star Wars spinoff, Solo: A Star Wars Story at the cinema? With us the film arrives on 23 May 2018!

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Charles Dickens on the big screen: five works become films

Writer, travel reporter and journalist, Charles Dickens is one of the greatest novelists of all time, an artist able to describe the society of his time through books and stories of denunciation. His works, surrounded by a dramatic humoristic vein, gave way to the social novel, a literary genre born in the nineteenth century, which illustrates the poorest and most unfortunate classes, denouncing situations of prejudice and abuse.
his most famous novels remember The Adventures of Oliver Twist a work pervaded by desecrating black humor that minutely analyzes the illnesses of the then English society (poverty, exploitation of minors), and the story Christmas an immortal classic that has given rise to numerous transpositions on the small and the big screen.
Taking the opportunity of the release in the halls of Dickens – The man who invented Christmas we analyze five of his works that have been adapted to the general public, becoming a film.

Life is wonderful

Although it has not directly taken inspiration from the famous story Christmas Song Life is wonderful approaching the classic Dickens literary for the structure of the story and the themes represented. On Christmas Eve, George Bailey ( James Stewart ) is a man at a crossroads of his life: disappointed by the society to which he devoted much of his life, he meditates suicide. In his help, an angel will arrive, Clarence ( Henry Travers ), who will show him how the world would have been if he had never been born. In place of the three spirits of the three Christmases, Frank Capra chooses an angelic and good-natured figure to guide the desperate protagonist. In both cases there are social issues of the time, between the economic crisis and the meaning of life, but life is wonderful adds that dose of sentimentality and optimism that is missing from the story of Dickens, more realistic and credible.

of Mickey Mouse Christmas

The Disney version of the Christmas Song unites the Mickey and Donkey universe, remaining in part faithful to the plot of the homonymous work by Charles Dickens. The part of the miser and selfish Scrooge is entrusted to Scrooge, Mickey Mouse is instead Bob Cratchit, the underpaid employee. In the other roles we find several characters from the universe of Walt Disney which contribute to give more meaning to the short film by involving everyone. Mickey's Christmas song manages to make the perfect synthesis of Dickens classic, creating a delightful adaptation that entertains, moves and satisfies adults and children.

Paradise Lost

Alfonso Cuaron re-elect in a modern key Grandi Speranze in a film whose Italian translation of the title loses its meaning. Dickens' work is part of the genre of the training novel, where the story follows the life of the protagonist, from his childhood to full maturation, leading him to make important choices for his life. Paradiso Perduto faithfully retains the characteristic features of Great Expectations: the names of the characters and the events that involve them are similar, to Gwyneth Paltrow plays the role of the ambiguous orphan Estella, trained from Miss Havisham to seduce and deceive men; also Finn ( Ethan Hawke ), Pip in the literary version, will fall into the subtle spider web

Nicholas Nickleby

A very young Charlie Hunnam is Nicholas Nickleby, the protagonist of the homonymous fiction novel. As with Oliver Twist, the tone of the story is critical of the social injustices of the time and is directed against the rich society full of prejudices. Nicholas, born and raised in a wealthy environment, after the death of his father finds himself having to bear all family expenses, which risks the economic collapse. As a sort of hero, Nicholas will rediscover his origins by confronting an unselfish uncle who remembers the old Scrooge di Canto di Natale very closely. The film is pleasant and fluent on various aspects and remains faithful to the tradition of Dickensian literature.

Oliver Twist

A desolate, poor and criminal England is well represented in Oliver Twist of Roman Polanski a film adaptation of Dickens's novel. Oliver Twist is 9 years old and has always lived in a workhouse, the so-called hospice for the poor. Raised, he goes from one job to another, until he becomes a member of a gang of thieves who obey the perfidious Fagin (an impeccable Ben Kingsley ). Finding the road to safety will not be easy. Narrated with a black humor and tinged with drama, Oliver Twist is faithful to the Dickensian novel and denounces the hypocrisy on the law of workhouses, in force in 1834.

Mark Hamill and the new Luke de The Last Jedi: from hatred to acceptance

Since last December 13th there has been no discussion of anything other than Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the official chapter of the saga that has almost completely split audiences and critics. Two net sides, one more fierce than the other: on one hand those who loved the film, despite the cut with the past and the new characterization of the classic characters, opposed to those who hated the film across the board, saving little and nothing. One of the elements that most destabilized the Force was certainly the character of Luke Skywalker, interpreted as tradition by Mark Hamill . Probably you have already seen the film and we will not make special explicit spoilers, certainly we found ourselves in front of a very different Luke than in the past, that the actor who plays him criticized a few days ago. "It is not my Luke" Hamill said during an interview, "the character we see at Ahch-to is only his shadow, he isolated himself thus renouncing the legacy of 'Order of the Jedi, formed by knights who never give up .. Probably would have taken a year to recover from all his troubles, not all this time. "

Renegate your name

The actor has in part also criticized some script choices of this new chapter, saying that "the original Luke would never have said such things, is a character belonging to a new generation.This gave me to think, I have often discussed with Rian Johnson, he needed a new Luke that was functional to his story and so it was, but it's not Luke by George Lucas, that's for sure ". Phrases that, of course, have triggered a real ruckus, especially among the most hardened fans who have not digested the film at all. As we were saying at the beginning, this film broke blatantly with some official and historical canons, with courage and decision, opening a new path to follow and trying to avoid the polemics of Episode VII – accused instead of having changed too little. So does Mark Hamill agree with those who support the frivolity of the project? Wrong, too simple, because a few hours ago the version just told has been completely reversed.

Returning to own steps

The American actor has confirmed, during an exclusive interview for IMDb , to have had big problems to accept the new nuances of Luke, but after seeing the film would be back in his footsteps. "Rian Johnson had a very special version of Luke in mind, it's true, it was not easy to accept everything, after watching the movie but I have to admit I was wrong, it's probably good to be out of the classic canons , if I had been a Jedi Benevolent teacher, with a big heart and ready to train a new student, he would have been redundant, an obsolete thing we have already seen Alec Guinness has already done it, I could not have done it better You have not even tried to accept the fact that Luke has changed, it's not the original trilogy, it's the new generation Luke. " That Mark Hamill had left out the overview, given only by the complete film and not by the script, and spoken against his new Luke too soon? What idea have you made of yourself?

Star Wars – The latest Jedi: easter eggs, cameos and references

The wait lasted a long time, but finally Star Wars: The last Jedi was released on December 13th in Italian cinemas and 15th in the American ones, obviously winning the race for the best opening weekend of the year, with a worldwide collection of 450 million dollars . A crazy opening that, however, failed to exceed 247.9 million of The Awakening of the Force loss certainly acceptable as well as widely anticipated. But going beyond the numbers, the film Rian Johnson was also one of the most divisive episodes of the entire saga, especially among the ranks of fans, who gave the new chapter one of the worst evaluation scores of series. But we will take care of this at another time, given that today we want to celebrate with you the return of Luke Skywalker, Rey and Kylo Ren going to analyze the film in search of easter egg, of hidden cameos and various references to the past, so as to have a general picture of the content and quotation fullness of a chapter as controversial as it is interesting.


Eggs in the Galaxy

We start right from the beginning, although in reality it would be the resumption of the final of the JJ film Abrams, that is the moment of the passage of the Laser sword from Rey to Luke. Exactly when the girl gives her legendary weapon to the Master, in fact, it is possible to notice on the back of his mechanical hand (the right) a sort of scar, a mark, which is the same that Luke obtained during the fight over Pozzo Sarlacc in The Return of the Jedi. And continuing from Ahch-To the daily life of the self-imposed Jedi in exile, made of walking, fishing and finding food from indigenous peoples, is still shown here, but they are not the Porgs . In the film we see Luke milking udders to a huge creature in siesta mode on the island's cliff. The drink, similar to milk, is green, and also the way to drink it is a reference to the blue milk drunk in A new hope with his uncles, in one of the very first scenes in which he appears. And it is always Luke to mention Darth Sidious second time in eight chapters of Star Wars, since the character called the Emperor Palpatine by name only in a small connective fragment of the prequel trilogy . Another curiosity is that the dissolvments during the telepathic contact between Rey and Kylo Ren in the reprisal of the First Order are the same as when Luke mentally reaches Darth Vader after their fight in L 'Empire strikes again.
Palese is instead the inclusion of the message of Leia sent to Obi-Wan with R2-D2 in New hope, among other things, the driving force of Luke's storyline , since it is precisely that message shown to him by R2-D2 that finally convinced him to train Rey. During Luke's final illusion, this tells Kylo Ren that " if he kills him, then he will never leave him ", clear reference to the words uttered by Obi-Wan during his fight with Darth Vader in Una new hope. The gold dice of Han Solo donated by Luke to Leia can be seen for the first time in chapter IV, but neither in The Empire strikes again nor in The Return of the Jedi are shown, although we suppose have always been there, in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon .

Originally they were real gold-plated dice, but for the last Jedi they were redesigned and made more "spatial", with similar symbols to the dice seen at the casino of Canto Bight . And at the end, before reuniting with the Force and dying, Luke witnesses the sunset of two suns, clear reference to the binary sunset on Tatooine planet where he began his journey. And reconnecting with Luke's disappearance, the finale shows us an unknown child, an ordinary person, admiring the stars in a similar way to how old Jedi looked young at Sunset on Tatooine, imagining a life full of adventures. That then maybe that little boy will live them, once he grew up, since Rian Johnson was chosen as the curator of another second new trilogy, untied by Skywalkers and with new characters.

Similarities and cameos

Going down into territory more quoted, when the Fathiers (the big horse-dogs) are freed and run away through the streets of Canto Bight, at a certain point the liquid of a rippling glass is framed, and is obviously a quotation at the Jurassic Park of Steven Spielberg (where among other things Laura Dern interpreted the Dr. Ellie Sattler ). The clash in the throne room of Supreme Leader Snoke despite having its own clear visual style, has many structural similarities with the clash in the Palpatine hall in The return of the Jedi : Rey is in fact, handcuffed just as Luke was, and Snoke removes them with the use of the Force at a distance just like Palpatine did; climbing into the hall, Rey tells Kylo Ren that " there is still some good in him ", just as Luke told Darth Vader when he surrendered on Endor ; Snoke's Praetorian guards are dressed in red just like Palpatine's; Rey tells Snoke that he is too sure of himself, just as Luke told the Emperor; Snoke forces Rey to look out into space while the Rebellion resists, just as Palpatine did with Luke showing him the ambush on Endor: we could go on again, because the whole sequence seems to be a unique quote.
And finally, after the analysis of one of the most quotative and saga-related sequences of the series, we arrive at the cameos. The director of Rogue One, Gareth Edwards makes a brief appearance on Crait in the role of a soldier of the resistance, next to the soldier who takes some of the substance on the surface of the planet with his finger and then exclaim "it is salt! ". Also the director Edgar Wright (Baby Driver) and the writer Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) have some cameos in the film, but Rian Johnson did not want to reveal which ones, so at the moment Unable to know it

The master of codes that Finn and Rose are in charge of meeting on Canto Bight, then, is none other than Justin Theroux ( The Leftovers ), adequately made up for the occasion, even if easily recognizable. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who worked with Johnson in Looper) is credited in the credits as the voice of a certain Slowen-Lo the alien who reports Finn's ship and Rose to the Canto Bight police. The name of the character is a quote to a song by Beastie Boys since Slowen-Lo is nothing but a reformulation of the title of the piece " Slow and Low " of the famous band. In the sequence where Finn and Rose are captured by the First Order, there are a few notable stars to dress as Stormtroopers, such as Tom Hardy and Gary Barlow . Among these there were also the Princes William and Harry but they were then cut from the final assembly. And to conclude in The Last Jedi there is also an alien based on the forms of Gary the beloved little dog of Carrie Fisher which can be admired on Canto Bight. One of the many ways to greet and thank the late Princess.

Luca Guadagnino chooses Jennifer Lawrence for the drama Burial Rites

Luca Guadagnino continues his rise in the international field and the last important news regards the casting of his next project – this time not about the story of an online casino in Canada.  Produced by TriStar Pictures and titled Burial Rites . The protagonist of the film will be the Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence . The film will be the adaptation of a novel written by Hannah Kent.

Burial Rites will tell the story of Agnes Magnusdottir, the last woman to have been publicly executed in Iceland, in 1830. Condemned to death for killing two men and having set fire to their home, Agnes reflects on what happened while waiting the final sentence.

Jennifer Lawrence will also participate in the film as producer with Allison Shearmur, Justine Chiarrocchi, Gary Ross and Jerry Kalajian.

Jennifer Lawrence Oscar for Best Actress for The Positive Side – Silver Linings Playbook in 2018 will recite in Red Sparrow of Francis Lawrence . In 2017 he played in the controversial film Darren Aronofsky Mother !, presented at the Venice Film Festival.

Luca Guadagnino is obtaining wide international acclaim for Call me with your name film written by James Ivory played by Timothée Chalamet and Armie Hammer and presented at Sundance, Berlin and Toronto.

In Italy it will arrive in theaters next January 25th. In the past Guadagnino had directed The Protagonists Melissa P. I am love and A Bigger Splash .

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Can watching movies improve your language skills?

Today there are a zillion of different strategies to learn a language. There are systems, programs, audio recordings, apps, you name it. And it’s hard to say which ones are best because everyone is different. But if you want to learn a foreign language or improve your skills, watching movies is certainly among the easiest ways to do that.

Passive versus active learning

Any attempt to improve your foreign language skills can be put in one of two brackets: passive or active. When you actively study a language, you may take a text, translate, pick the words you don’t know. Or you can listen and repeat. While passive learning examples are adding songs of the target language to your playlist, or watching movies with subtitles. Some people even believe that they improve their language skills when they put on a recording and go to sleep. While there is little evidence to prove that, it cannot be completely dismissed.

One thing is for sure. Passive learning takes much longer but on the other hand, it is much more enjoyable. You put on your favorite movies, turn on the subtitles and the process of learning starts. What can be bad about that?

Learning languages from the movies

If you learn a language by watching movies, you have three options. Watch the entire thing solely in the target language (preferably, a movie that you have seen before), you can watch the movie in the target language with subtitles in your language or watch a movie in your language with target language subtitles.

Believe it or not, all of these ways help you learn but they do it in different ways. Ideally, you should mix all three ways of learning through movies. But to know which one should dominate think about your reasoning behind your new hobby.  So, the first thing you should do is to decide what will you use the foreign language for. If you plan on taking a trip to Italy or France, and would like to be able to talk with the locals, naturally you should hear how the language is pronounced.

Needless to say, it’s not only the pronunciation that matters. You should know what words are you actually saying. That’s why mixing in movies with foreign subtitles is also very useful in learning languages.

Having said that, I should also emphasize that nothing beats active learning. Watching movies, listening to songs is all well and good but to see results, you should also pick up book and study grammar and common words. This way it won’t take long until you feel confident speaking a foreign language.

Lastly, a word of caution. Unless you become extremely proficient in a foreign language, your skills will start fading away if not used. Ten years ago, I studied French, and even though I still remember a few phrases, almost everything I learned back then is wiped out now. Or perhaps it’s hiding somewhere deep in my memory. I guess I can only find out when I pick up French again.

Movies you must see in 2017

Despite the fact that once in a while it’s nice to go back in time and watch an old movie, every year there are dozens of fantastic new productions. Some get the popularity just because of well-run PR campaigns, some are sequels that people have been waiting for but only a few will survive the test of time and become true legends.

We are not claiming to know which 2017 movies will become all-time great, but the following titles have caught our attention.

Trainspotting 2

The first Trainspotting, created 20 years ago has won the hearts of millions of people around the world. Unusual. Shocking. Captivating. And here we are in 2017 with the sequel of the movie. Opinions on Trainspotting 2 are much more diverse. Some say a sequel was not needed, others think the director Danny Boyle did not do a good job and of course there are die-hard fans that loved the movie. Like it or not, Trainspotting 2 is guaranteed to be among the most-anticipated titles of 2017.

Star Wars: the Last Jedi

Hey, let’s be honest, slapping Star Wars on anything will make people want to see it. The 40-year franchise is way past the point of objective criticism. There will be people who love it, and people who hate it, but even if the sky falls down we guarantee Star Wars: The Last Jedi will again be the biggest record-breaker of the year, or even the decade.

Cars 3

Strangely enough, Cars have become a franchise beloved by kids as well as their parents. While the first part was a fun story with a good lesson, teaching kids the value of being humble and the power of friendship, this seems a bit different. At least what you can gather from the trailer, Cars 3 takes a slight turn towards a dark, Batman: Origins type of a story. Primary audience is still children but if you enjoyed Cars 2 as an adult, you probably going to love it even more.

Kong: Skull Island

Hollywood loves gigantic monsters destroying everything in their way. It’s hard to count all the Godzilla King Kong, dinosaur-themed movies. But this feels different. Much different. Instead of the old ‘King Kong takes on New York’ theme, the action takes place on an island in the Pacific which is riddled with a variety of never-seen before creatures. We predict that Kong: Skull Island will be among top 10 biggest movies of 2017.

Blade Runner 2049

Similarly, to Trainspotting, this is a bit of an unexpected return. The first Blade Runner (1982) was a masterpiece that won two Oscars. This year the new Blade Runner 2049 featuring a whole armada of stars (Ryan Gosling, Jared Leto, Harrison Ford) will try to replicate the success of the first. Let’s wait and see.

We could go on and on. This list only takes a fraction of the most anticipated movies coming out this year. What about Logan, John Wick 2, the new Pirates of the Caribbean, Guardians of the Galaxy, Kingsman, Transformers? Not to mention perhaps less-known titles that have their own die-hard fans – Death Note, Ghost in the Shell, Jumanji, It, Power Rangers. Don’t know if 2017 is better for movie enthusiasts than any other year, but it certainly is not any worse.

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