Chris Evans confirms, "For Steve, Bucky is home."

A few days after the farewell (or not, since Chris Evans said that the post was written in a moment of particular pathos resulting from the end of filming at Avengers 4 ), the Steve Rogers character interpreter tells us something about his relationship with childhood friend and fellow soldier Bucky Barnes.

Interpreted by the Romanian national actor US Sebastian Stan, Bucky Barnes is the historical shoulder of Captain America. Originally designed as a boy of many years younger than Steve Rogers, Bucky will become over time an important piece of the story on the Sentinel of Liberty.

The iteration that brings to the screen Sebastian Stan, is the one that refers to the comic runs of Ed Brubacker, those on the Winter Soldier, where you imagine the story – sad – of a soldier who is made by ' Hydra the brainwashing so that it becomes a ruthless and deadly killer. In the films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe it is clear from the beginning, since Barnes first appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger that the bond between the two is fraternal.

While it was 'ACE Comic Con, Chris Evans replied to a question from a fan, asking him how he was, emotionally, for his character, see Bucky slump down in front of his eyes:

"I think it's one of the most precious people for Steve Rogers, you know, it's a lifelong friendship that has come to this day. to explain it better, it is identifiable with what anyone of us would call "home." I do not know, I do not think I can give further explanation, this is what it is: home. "

The Synopsis of Avengers: Infinity War : "In Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, while the Avengers continue to protect the world from threats too big to be managed by a single hero, a new threat emerges from the cosmic shadows: Thanos, a despot of intergalactic infamy. His goal is to collect all six Infinite Gems, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will throughout the universe. All the battles that the Avengers have fought have led to this: the fate of the Earth and of the same existence has never been so uncertain. "

In Avengers 4 we will see how the story of Bucky Barnes by the Russo brothers will be treated, as we know, they followed the development of the friendship between Buck and Cap from the first appearance of the character in the role of the Winter Soldier.

The Night of the Witches by John Carpenter returns to the cinema on the 15th, 16th and 17th of October

The Night of the Witches is approaching and one of the most famous horror cult of all time, Halloween, by John Carpenter, back in Italian cinemas to celebrate forty years from the first release to the cinema.

"QMI Stardust reports in the Halloween room – The Night of Witches only for three days, from Monday 15 to Wednesday 17 October the classic by John Carpenter dated 1978 in the restored and remastered version created to celebrate the anniversary in the world.

First released on 25 October 1978 in Missouri, Halloween – The night of the witches by John Carpenter quickly became a great success and therefore a true cult, shot in just 20 days and costing $ 300,000, it was distributed worldwide with over € 70 million, quickly becoming a great classic, thanks to a startling incipit, the iconic and hypnotic soundtrack (written from the same Carpenter), a bad masked and eternal like Michael Mayers and the presence of a young Jamie Lee Curtis, a film that wrote the rules of the horror coming, opening the genre of slasher movi e.

The film will be distributed in a restored and remastered digital version, realized under the supervision of the cinematographer of the film Dean Cundey, and in the original language with Italian subtitles. Michael Myers, has spent the last 15 years locked up in a sanatorium under the care of the child psychiatrist Dr. Sam Loomis. On October 30, 1978, Myers flees and returns home, turning the night of witches into something much more sinister …

The release of the original version of Halloween – The Night of Witches (1978) arrives in theaters shortly before the The new Halloween release (2018) directed by David Gordon Green, where Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle resume the roles of Laurie Strode and Michael Myers respectively to return to the town of Haddonfield, where it all began. Halloween – The Night of Witches (1978) by John Carpenter will be in Italian theaters only on Monday 15, Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 October, distributed by QMI Stardust Tickets and list of rooms on "[19659006] function cc_launch_facebook_pixel () {
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Jon Stewart returns to directing a film with perhaps Steve Carell

As revealed by Deadline, Jon Stewart is ready to return to directing a film four years after the previous Rosewater with Gael Garcia Bernal . [19659002] The popular American television host, known for his engagement with the Daily Show on Comedy Central from 1999 to 2015, will direct a film titled Irresistible a political satire based on an original idea. Stewart hopes to have his ex-correspondent and colleague as protagonist in the Daily Show Steve Carell .

The film financiers are starting negotiations with Plan B of Brad Pitt for having it in the project. Stewart will also be among the producers of the film.

As mentioned, Stewart directed in 2014 the film Rosewater in which Gael Garcia Bernal played the Iranian-Canadian journalist Maziar Bahari, accused of being a spy and imprisoned by Iranian law enforcement agencies. The film grossed around $ 3 million at the box office and later won the National Board of Review for freedom of speech. The conductor took a break at the time from Daily Show to direct the film, before withdrawing from the satirical program the following year and surrendering the armchair to Trevor Noah .

Still no news on the rest of the cast or the creative crew of Irresistible nor on the probable release date of the film. We will soon see Carell in the awaited Vice, alongside Christian Bale, Amy Adams and Sam Rockwell .

Scarlet Witch has never been called by her heroine name in the MCU movies!

As the Comicbook guys point out to us, actually Wanda Maximoff, the character played in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Elizabeth Olsen has never been called Scarlet Witch.

As you know, the first time we saw Scarlet Witch in action as an Avenger is in Avegers: Age of Ultron. If you remember, on that occasion she was a "villain". Together with his brother he wanted to avenge the death of his family and he had it with Tony Stark. Consequently, she and Quicksilver, together with Ultron, joined forces but then found themselves (the boys), on the other side of the barricade, on the side of those who wanted to fight.

Unfortunately Quicksilver in Marvel Cinematic Universe took it away soon, and only Wanda remained. Scarlet Witch . She and her extraordinary powers … But how come everyone refers to her as Wanda and not like Scarlet Witch? In truth also Falcon is always called simply Sam but, since they too are heroes and that Cap or the Doctor Strange are called (at least once ), with their nickname it seems strange that Wanda has not yet been called by her heroine name

It could happen in Avengers 4 or in the series that the Disney has decided to dedicate them, who knows? Synopsis of Avengers: Infinity War: "In Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War while the Avengers continue to protect the world from threats too big to be managed by a single hero, a new threat emerges from the cosmic shadows: Thanos , a despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all the six Infinite Gems, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will throughout the universe All the battles that the Avengers have fought have brought to this: the fate of the Earth and of existence itself has never been so uncertain. "

He died Al Matthews, star of Aliens

The star of Aliens – Final Clash Al Matthews died at the age of 75. Matthews had a long career in Hollywood but is remembered for the role of Sergeant Apone in Aliens – Final Clash first sequel to the cult of Ridley Scott directed by James Cameron . Matthews was a marine before dedicating himself to cinema.

His debut came in 1979, with the war film Yanks . He met his first success in 1983, playing the chief of firefighters in Superman III of Richard Lester. In the following years, after Aliens – Final Clash, Al Matthews also noted in The fifth element of Luc Besson in the role of General Tudor, and in the film of the James Bond saga, never dies interpreting the sergeant major n. 3.
Al Matthews also distinguished himself in radio and TV, conducting several programs, and as a singer. Of his military career in the Marines, Matthews proudly remembered that he was 'the first black marine to be meritoriously promoted to the rank of sergeant' .
Almost thirty years after his appearance in Aliens – Final Clash provided the voice to his character for the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines .
The last appearance in front of the camera dates back to a few months ago, in the western The Price of Death directed by Chip Baker and currently in post-production. [19659003] Al Matthews was found lifeless Sunday at his home in Orihuela Costa, in the Spanish province of Alicante.

The biopic on Dick Cheney with Christian Bale will be called "Vice"

Adam McKay recently confirmed that the title of his biopic dedicated to the figure of the former vice-president of the United States Dick Cheney will be Vice .

director, known to most for the film The big bet has also updated via Twitter on the status of the project (which have not yet been disseminated nor official images nor trailer) stating that " after some further adjustments ", the film will be ready for its release in December

Vice will mark the second consecutive collaboration between McKay and the Oscar Christian Bale called to a 'another physical transformation to take on the role of Dick Cheney.

The film is composed of a rich cast, with many known actors called to interpret unusual characters. Amy Adams will be the wife of Cheney, Lynne, Steve Carell (also he The big bet ) will be the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, Tyler Perry will play Colin Powell, Allison Pill will be Mary Cheney while Sam Rockwell has been given the role of former President George W. Bush.

Vice will focus on Cheney's career, from the days when I was CEO of Halliburton, until he became Vice President during George W. Bush's double term. In an interview with Deadline, McKay explained why he was so fascinated by Cheney's character:

" I always found Cheney charming. I wondered what made him do what he did, what his convictions were. But the moment I started digging into his life, I was thrilled to see how much he helped shape modern America and how shocking the methods he used to achieve the power he then had were . "

Tom Hardy releases the amazing IMAX poster of the film!

Venom the new Sony cinefumetto belonging to Spider-Verse, arrives in theaters on October 4th and now the protagonist, Tom Hardy, has decided to publish the IMAX poster of the film on his social account.

The closer the Venom release date is, the more the hype rises to the stars. Certainly Tom Hardy the protagonist of the cinefumetto, knows it well and then decided to divulge via Twitter the image of the poster that will advertise the screening of the film in the IMAX rooms.

As you may know, Venom will be a film in PG-13 and so it will not be as violent as many fans expected. This is because, we had also reported in some previous news, there is the hidden hope that one day the character can also peep in Marvel Cinematic Universe (in a film by Spider-Man for example, or vice versa) that, being property Disney can not divulge too extreme contents.

However, it also seems that a different, uncensored version of the direct film could be released from R uben Fleischer who declared to Fandango:

"I can not exclude anything, we'll see."

"The Golden Lion has been tamed by Netflix"

He was expected and in fact arrived on time as the angel of death: the ANAC the national association of film authors, issued a statement against the decision of the Venice Film Festival to reward with the Golden Lion the film Netflix Rome of Alfonso Cuaron .

You can read the official press release below:

" The ANAC – National Association of Film Authors , together with FICE [Federazione Italiana Cinema d’Essei, ndr] and ACEC [Associazione Nazionale Esercenti Cinema] consistently with what was declared at the press conference of the exhibition in July in Rome, reiterate their opposition about the choice of having included in the Venice competition some films not intended for vision in the hall, unlike what the Cannes festival had decided. In full respect of the choices of the jury chaired by Guillermo del Toro and without detracting from the high quality of the film "ROMA" by Alfonso Cuaròn, winner of the Golden Lion, ANAC, FICE and ACEC consider unfair that the Biennial brand is a vehicle marketing of the NETFLIX platform that with huge resources is putting in difficulty the system of Italian and European cinemas. The Golden Lion, symbol of the International Film Festival, which has always been financed with public resources, is the patrimony of Italian spectators: the film that bears it should be within everyone's reach, in the proximity rooms, and not exclusively subscribers of the American platform. ANAC, FICE and ACEC reiterate the request to the director Barbera to review his position for the next year, while asking the Minister of Culture to launch with the utmost care rules that also regulate from us as it happens in France a fair chronology of outputs on different media . "

What do you think of this matter? Please let us know in the comments!

The Church, Michele Soavi's horror review

We are in the Middle Ages. A group of Teutonic knights performs a real massacre of unarmed civilians, considered as followers of the devil. On the mass grave where the bodies were buried, in order to ward off the return of Evil, it was decided to build a cathedral.
Nowadays the structure, frequented by dozens of faithful, is the site of restoration works and the new librarian Evan discovers the ancient narrative manuscripts of a legend concerning his own The Church ; during subsequent investigations, the man accidentally opens a seal in the subsoil, giving away free to demonic entities that will soon return to the surface taking control of those who frequent the religious place.
In the first person will also be involved in the beautiful restorer Lisa, with whom Evan had just started a relationship, and the young Lotte, daughter of the sacristan whose identity seems to hide more than a secret. And when the gates of hell are likely to open up to the outside world, the only hopes remain in the determination of a young priest of color.

In the name of Satan

It was to be the third chapter of the lucky franchise of Demons but after the abandonment of Lamberto Bava (engaged in the filming of Fantaghirò ) the project took another direction by the will of the successor Michele Soavi then back (in 1991) from the good results of the public and critics of the debut Deliria (1989). Despite the desire of Dario Argento and the other writers to maintain a thematic continuity with the previous films, La Chiesa is considered by its director as a work in its own right, while sharing with the succinct titles different similarities at the narrative level, with the religious setting in this case to make an ideal background to the demonic escalation that takes place in the hundred minutes of vision.
After a brief but fascinating medieval prologue, with an army of Teutonic knights who, without mercy and under the command of the ecclesiastical organs, carry out a real massacre of men, women and children (for whom clear indications were given to the incipit of Conan the Barbarian 1982), 'action moves into the present by adopting the typical style of that local horror that has made school, leaving the restless atmosphere, increasingly macabre, and the camera movements become catalyzed visual actors able to turn a blind eye to a narrative that is not always coherent and in which several forcing are revealed.
The structure that hosted the shooting is actually the Matthias Church, which is located in Szentháromság Square in Budapest, and turns out to be the perfect stage at least in the parts in "surface", since the many sequences in the basements were shot in the studio

The origins of evil

Even the characters are tailor-made for a story in which there is a true protagonist, but rather an ideal and heterogeneous coexistence between triggering elements and sacrificial victims, whose roles soon end up inexorably mixing when madness begins to assail everything and everyone, both in mad deeds of violence and in frightening hallucinations, unleashing a real horrifying climax of undoubted aesthetic effectiveness. A narrative ascension excellently supported by almost pictorial solutions and special effects that are simple but able to reach the primary objective with incredible naturalness
Among stylistically unexceptionable subjects (above all those through the helmet of the Teutonic knights, shaped like a cross) and shots from the most unthinkable positions, The Church (now available in high definition for the home video market thanks to CG Entertainment) lurks like a celluloid nightmare in which the public can identify with the fundamental look of the young Lotte, excellently interpreted by a Asia Argento then fourteen years old, a real empathic vehicle through which to watch the ever more tortuous and dramatic events.
The heterogeneous soundtrack is signed by the likes of Goblin Philip Glass and Keith Emerson and incisively insinuates in the tense flow of history, up to a deliberately ambiguous epilogue that gives further fascination to a work perhaps imperfect but rich in an alchemical magnetism.

from Ellen Ripley to Black Mamba, the female heroes in power

Cinema, like literature, is certainly crammed with strong male characters, undisputed leaders capable of holding the stage in any situation. However, there are striking cases in which everything has been reversed, with female protagonists able to overshadow anything around.
Probably the last example in chronological order is Revenge, the film of Coralie Fargeat that arrives in Italian theaters on September 6th. Let's talk about a rape & revenge movie "in pink" that rests completely on the shoulders of Matilda Lutz busy giving life to the ingenuous Jen, a charming girl who will be forced by events (and from three men) to completely change his way of doing, becoming aggressive and vindictive.
His strong character, which is formed minute by minute on the screen, can be approached to other great female characters in the history of cinema, recent and not.

Wonderful women

Without going too far, in May of last year, a new iteration of Wonder Woman, probably the character DC Comics with more media resonance over the past 4-5 years
If the public has become accustomed to seeing Batman and Superman fighting crime, admiring a statuesque woman, an Amazon with great intelligence and strength, leaping from one era to another has certainly left a different mark, worth over 800 million at the box office.
It is not just about money, income and industry : the new Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot has immediately become an icon, an inspiring muse, that people can not wait to find again on the big screen – we remember in fact that Wonder Woman 1984 is currently being worked on.
Moving away slightly from contemporary cinecomics, let's jump back in time, remembering two heroines, symbol of their era of reference, or the '80s. To many fans of film action, just read the names Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley for their skin to become goose. The first is the famous female protagonist of the saga of Terminator appeared in four films, a TV series and soon to appear "in its original form" also in Terminator 6 . Native because in the role of the character is back Linda Hamilton, actress of the first two iconic films of the franchise, before the ball passed then to Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke .
The determination of Connor, it can certainly be compared to that of the Lieutenant Ellen Ripley the film alter-ego of Sigourney Weaver in the frightening saga of Alien . It's hard to think of her without a shotgun in her hand and her stern look, while she completes what her companions have not been able to do.

Beyond the action

To create a female icon on the big screen however, it is not necessary to have firearms, if necessary can also be very fine white weapons: we are thinking of Beatrix Kiddo also known as La Sposa or Black Mamba, the absolute protagonist of the two Kill Bill tarantiniani
Moved in his films by an ideal of revenge, just like the protagonist of Revenge Kiddo is an authentic war machine, silent and calculating, so determined to undertake a real "training path" to become ruthless and precise to the millimeter
Annihilates its victims, names of a black list accurately drafted, with an infallible katana, for the joy of all I made them of blood and underground poetry. Of course, to read the article so far you might think that the action component is absolutely necessary to get a good on-screen leader, but that's not the case.

Think of a film like Erin Brockovich – Strong as the truth whose real protagonist of the story has been played in the cinema by an exceptional Julia Roberts . A job that can collect five Oscar nominations and win three statuettes, best film, director and actress, without creating too much "noise" at the level of plot.
It speaks in fact of the courage of a woman capable of challenging two great companies such as Pacific Gas and Electric Company, accused of contaminating groundwater in Hinkley, California

Heroines often silent

Adventure lovers have instead been able to count on an iron-defiant champion: Lara Croft . Protagonist of the videogame series Tomb Raider the fascinating archaeologist became the protagonist – on the big screen – of two films between 2001 and 2003, with Angelina Jolie in her skimpy cloths, while in 2018 the reboot of the series with Alicia Vikander arrived. Two very different actresses but both capable of giving a strong and decisive character to the character.
It was often underestimated, however, Marge Gunderson of Fargo a masterpiece of the Coen brothers who sees a police officer calm and attentive, able to get – step after step, in total solitude – to find the perpetrators of an unusual kidnapping. Silent heroine played by the same Frances McDormand of the Three posters in Ebbing, Missouri film of 2017 with another unforgettable female character, Mildred Hayes
Blurring into the fantastic field, we must remember as with Maleficent the Maleficent witch managed to take the whole scene and to change, radically also, a classic story like Sleeping Beauty – becoming in fact, as the title suggests, the absolute protagonist of the film, to the detriment of princes and princesses
Even a "sacred" saga like Star Wars has changed skin in the name of a strong and important female character: starting from The Force Awakens the young and beautiful Rey has collected so much of the legacy left by the Jedi Knights of the original films, and who knows that in the future his figure can become even more fundamental in the general picture of 'opera.
A sign that cinema has always had, and will always have, strong female characters, able to support and characterize entire productions and franchises, making them unique.

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