The magic of the web: in the last hours an old photo emerged from the network from the set of Superman the legendary film Richard Donner starring the unforgettable Christopher Reeve .

Considered the true forefather of the American cinecomic, Superman (also known as Superman: The Movie ) came out in theaters in 1978 immediately becoming a global success and launching the career of the then unknown Reeve, who unfortunately will remain permanently anchored to the character of the Man of Steel failing to impose themselves in high roles, despite being very gifted.

The repertory photo shows us precisely Reeve with the dress of Superman intent on raising a taxi with a finger. Always very popular, the character of Krypton's last son acquired even greater popularity thanks to Donner's film and Reeve's natural interpretation. The franchise started in 1978 then continued with Richard Lester in Superman II and Superman III and died definitively because of the critical and commercial failure of Superman IV of Sidney J. Furie of 1987.

Reported at the cinema in 2006 by Bryan Singer with Superman Returns the universe of superhero par excellence was rebooted in 2013 by Zack Snyder and his The Man of Steel first chapter belonging to the so-called DC Extended Universe. To date, the character is still played by Henry Cavill who also portrayed him in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League both directed by Zack Snyder. Some recent rumors would like the return of Cavill in the character in a cameo in Shazam! out in April 2019. We just have to wait and wait for the new adventure of Superman on the big screen!

How interesting is it?