Near now one billion and one hundred million dollars in the world, the Black Panther of Ryan Coogler proved to be a wager absolutely won by Marvel Studios although before taking it into hall had to (as always) work on editing to make it as enjoyable and functional as possible.

Speaking at the microphones of The Wrap the film's editor, Michael Shawver , had the opportunity to reveal two intense scenes " painfully removed " in the final cut seen in the room, one of which showed a key moment between Okoye ( Danai Gurira ) and W'Kabi ( Daniel Kaluuya ), fighters and lovers.

These are the words of Shawver: " The most difficult scene to cut in the film was undoubtedly a key sequence between Danai Gurira and Daniel Kaluuya, this towards the end, after the co if they start to hurt and the fate of Wakanda remains uncertain in the hands of Killmonger ( Michael B. Jordan ). Those two are extraordinary actors, in the film girlfriend and boyfriend, general and councilor. It was really painful to cut these scenes that saw them as protagonists. At that point we were about two-thirds of the cinecomic, in general the moment when the films are starting to drag . "Perhaps the film would have benefited instead of the scene in question, since their relationship appears very sketchy, especially then why it is Ryan Coogler that the producer Nate Moore would have liked the sequence to remain.

But Shawver continues: " The scene unfortunately took place at a time in the film in which the public only wanted get to a resolution, and then slow down that specific part and we were afraid that the audience would notice it. We also feared to remove it because we thought that removing them could ruin the film. For three or four private screenings and screening tests we did not get it off then, but then we took courage and we did it, and Ryan and I were perhaps the only ones who wanted to save ".

Finally, another cut scene by Black Panther was a dialogue between T'Challa ( Chadwick Boseman ) and Zuri ( Forest Whitaker ), and here the editor explains: " Here the two established and deepened their relationship. In essence, he allowed himself to be attached to their father-son dynamic in order to leave more dismaying at the time of Zuri's disappearance . "

How interesting is it?