The week of the Super Bowl, the most anticipated sporting event followed in the United States and in the rest of the world, represents an exciting period not only for fans of American football but also for those who regularly follow the world of football. 'entertainment. This year there will also be Chris Pratt in a commercial spot.

For the interpreter of Peter Quill / Star-Lord in the Marvel Universe and the Tamer Owen Grady in Jurassic World the participation within the promo of the beer Michelob Ultra most likely achieves one of the actor's dreams. The commercials during the night of the Super Bowl, whose match this year will be played Sunday 4 February and will see the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles challenge each other, bring millions of dollars to the organizers' boxes for a minute it is around thirty or sixty seconds each

A nice round of money, in short, if we take into account the compensation paid to the interpreter who is normally a famous face of the Hollywood star system. However, the event that assigns the title of champion of the National Fooball League is basically a world showcase that repays in economic terms and visibility companies that invest in the commercials (just think that the last final was seen at is about 113.7 million viewers ).

Pratt will not be the only known face in the commercials aired this year, in fact they will join also other stars like Cindy Crawford Tiffany Haddish Morgan Freeman Matt Damon Danny DeVito and Peter Dinklage . For the occasion, the American actor continued his harsh training regimen to make sure he was in optimal condition during filming.

In order to see the spot, all you have to do is go back over the news.

How interesting is it?