Netflix today released the first official trailer of Kodachrome, an interesting road trip movie directed by Mark Raso which will star Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis in the respective roles of father and son

Written by Jonathan Tropper the film tells the story of Mark Ryder (Sudeikis), convinced he can travel with his father always a stranger and now dying, Benjamin (Harris), across the country to deliver four old Kodachrome film rolls to the last laboratory in the world capable of developing them, all before it is finally closed. The two will undertake the journey together with Benjamin's nurse, the beautiful Zooey to face the changes from the analogue to the digital of the modern era and trying to leave the past behind.

Based on a famous article signed by AG Sulzberger and produced among others by Shawn Levy, Dan Levine and Leon Clarence Kodachrome will see in the cast also Elizabeth Olsen in the role of Zooey, for an upcoming release on Netflix next April 20. The same month, moreover, we will find with great pleasure the Olsen in Avengers: Infinity War of the Russo brothers, where it will resume its role as Scarlett Witch while Ed Harris will always return in April as Man in Black in the highly anticipated second season of the exceptional Westworld at home HBO .

How interesting is it?