Cinema, like literature, is certainly crammed with strong male characters, undisputed leaders capable of holding the stage in any situation. However, there are striking cases in which everything has been reversed, with female protagonists able to overshadow anything around.
Probably the last example in chronological order is Revenge, the film of Coralie Fargeat that arrives in Italian theaters on September 6th. Let's talk about a rape & revenge movie "in pink" that rests completely on the shoulders of Matilda Lutz busy giving life to the ingenuous Jen, a charming girl who will be forced by events (and from three men) to completely change his way of doing, becoming aggressive and vindictive.
His strong character, which is formed minute by minute on the screen, can be approached to other great female characters in the history of cinema, recent and not.

Wonderful women

Without going too far, in May of last year, a new iteration of Wonder Woman, probably the character DC Comics with more media resonance over the past 4-5 years
If the public has become accustomed to seeing Batman and Superman fighting crime, admiring a statuesque woman, an Amazon with great intelligence and strength, leaping from one era to another has certainly left a different mark, worth over 800 million at the box office.
It is not just about money, income and industry : the new Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot has immediately become an icon, an inspiring muse, that people can not wait to find again on the big screen – we remember in fact that Wonder Woman 1984 is currently being worked on.
Moving away slightly from contemporary cinecomics, let's jump back in time, remembering two heroines, symbol of their era of reference, or the '80s. To many fans of film action, just read the names Sarah Connor and Ellen Ripley for their skin to become goose. The first is the famous female protagonist of the saga of Terminator appeared in four films, a TV series and soon to appear "in its original form" also in Terminator 6 . Native because in the role of the character is back Linda Hamilton, actress of the first two iconic films of the franchise, before the ball passed then to Lena Headey and Emilia Clarke .
The determination of Connor, it can certainly be compared to that of the Lieutenant Ellen Ripley the film alter-ego of Sigourney Weaver in the frightening saga of Alien . It's hard to think of her without a shotgun in her hand and her stern look, while she completes what her companions have not been able to do.

Beyond the action

To create a female icon on the big screen however, it is not necessary to have firearms, if necessary can also be very fine white weapons: we are thinking of Beatrix Kiddo also known as La Sposa or Black Mamba, the absolute protagonist of the two Kill Bill tarantiniani
Moved in his films by an ideal of revenge, just like the protagonist of Revenge Kiddo is an authentic war machine, silent and calculating, so determined to undertake a real "training path" to become ruthless and precise to the millimeter
Annihilates its victims, names of a black list accurately drafted, with an infallible katana, for the joy of all I made them of blood and underground poetry. Of course, to read the article so far you might think that the action component is absolutely necessary to get a good on-screen leader, but that's not the case.

Think of a film like Erin Brockovich – Strong as the truth whose real protagonist of the story has been played in the cinema by an exceptional Julia Roberts . A job that can collect five Oscar nominations and win three statuettes, best film, director and actress, without creating too much "noise" at the level of plot.
It speaks in fact of the courage of a woman capable of challenging two great companies such as Pacific Gas and Electric Company, accused of contaminating groundwater in Hinkley, California

Heroines often silent

Adventure lovers have instead been able to count on an iron-defiant champion: Lara Croft . Protagonist of the videogame series Tomb Raider the fascinating archaeologist became the protagonist – on the big screen – of two films between 2001 and 2003, with Angelina Jolie in her skimpy cloths, while in 2018 the reboot of the series with Alicia Vikander arrived. Two very different actresses but both capable of giving a strong and decisive character to the character.
It was often underestimated, however, Marge Gunderson of Fargo a masterpiece of the Coen brothers who sees a police officer calm and attentive, able to get – step after step, in total solitude – to find the perpetrators of an unusual kidnapping. Silent heroine played by the same Frances McDormand of the Three posters in Ebbing, Missouri film of 2017 with another unforgettable female character, Mildred Hayes
Blurring into the fantastic field, we must remember as with Maleficent the Maleficent witch managed to take the whole scene and to change, radically also, a classic story like Sleeping Beauty – becoming in fact, as the title suggests, the absolute protagonist of the film, to the detriment of princes and princesses
Even a "sacred" saga like Star Wars has changed skin in the name of a strong and important female character: starting from The Force Awakens the young and beautiful Rey has collected so much of the legacy left by the Jedi Knights of the original films, and who knows that in the future his figure can become even more fundamental in the general picture of 'opera.
A sign that cinema has always had, and will always have, strong female characters, able to support and characterize entire productions and franchises, making them unique.