New jolt to the DC Entertainment which follows the news of the abandonment of the president Diane Nelson a few days ago. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that also Geoff Johns has decided to 'abandon' the study and its role within the division.

But its " goodbye "will be less painful than that of others. In fact, instead of being one of the presidents, Geoff Johns decided to take a step back and become a producer / writer of productions DC Comics / Warner Bros. Pictures. The acclaimed screenwriter has launched Mad Ghost Productions a production company that will deal with film, television and comics projects.

Johns will take the place Jim Lee much loved artist in the world of DC comics. " I decided to take the job because I love this universe and these characters more than anything else." Johns explained to the site "But I want to spend my days writing on the set. excited to be able to return to a more creative role.It's a dream job on dream projects. "

Johns' first job in this new (old?) dress will be to write the announced but to long delayed Green Lantern Corps., a new film adaptation focused on the Green Lanterns, which will also be responsible for the production. With the announcement, Mad Ghost Productions has confirmed that both Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be featured in the film.

For DC he also wrote the episode "Doom Patrol" of the new TV series Titans who should launch the spin-off series Doom Patrol

In addition to this Johns will get the co-writer's credit for the next Aquaman arriving in December in the USA. [19659007] function cc_launch_facebook_pixel () {
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