The star of Aliens – Final Clash Al Matthews died at the age of 75. Matthews had a long career in Hollywood but is remembered for the role of Sergeant Apone in Aliens – Final Clash first sequel to the cult of Ridley Scott directed by James Cameron . Matthews was a marine before dedicating himself to cinema.

His debut came in 1979, with the war film Yanks . He met his first success in 1983, playing the chief of firefighters in Superman III of Richard Lester. In the following years, after Aliens – Final Clash, Al Matthews also noted in The fifth element of Luc Besson in the role of General Tudor, and in the film of the James Bond saga, never dies interpreting the sergeant major n. 3.
Al Matthews also distinguished himself in radio and TV, conducting several programs, and as a singer. Of his military career in the Marines, Matthews proudly remembered that he was 'the first black marine to be meritoriously promoted to the rank of sergeant' .
Almost thirty years after his appearance in Aliens – Final Clash provided the voice to his character for the video game Aliens: Colonial Marines .
The last appearance in front of the camera dates back to a few months ago, in the western The Price of Death directed by Chip Baker and currently in post-production. [19659003] Al Matthews was found lifeless Sunday at his home in Orihuela Costa, in the Spanish province of Alicante.