In the following news we will try to bring you all the news that has come out so far – including rumors and news not yet confirmed – concerning the film in which Joaquin Phoenix "should" play the character of the Joker .

"Should" because, although the news has been reported by a lot of sites and has also been around for several months (since February), there has not yet been the official with a press release or anything else on the fact that it is really Joaquin Phoenix the protagonist of the original story dedicated to Prince of the Crime by Gotham.

We also say that, at 99% could be a real news, since the film will be a low budget film, without the use of extraordinary special effects, from the estimated production budget around 55 million dollars . And, as perhaps those who follow Phoenix's work will know, he is not opposed to high-budget films, but prefers to choose the projects to participate in if (and only if), they say something about his artistic sensitivity and, in general, the small productions and the independent films match a little more with the profile of the "committed" actor.

The director of the film on the Joker will be Todd Phillips and, as reported by Omega Underground, production should start in the fall, towards the end of September, it will be set in the 80s of the last century, and the shooting will start in New York. Martin Scorsese will produce the film

It is possible that some official announcement will be given by Warner Bros at the Comic-Con in San Diego, but we can not say for sure. This film will be completely detached from what we commonly know with the name of DC Extended Universe which is part of the other project dedicated to the character of the Joker, the one with Jared Leto that , according to the latest news, has been recently confirmed for a single movie.

The latest news we can give you regarding this project is that it should be released under another label, different from Warner Brothers, but this also must be officially confirmed, as the actual presence of the villain holder with the face of Joaquin Phoenix . In the meantime, as you can see from the image at the bottom of the news, we show you how the actor might appear in the role of Joker or, at least. as it appears in the minds of the artists who created these fan art, which have been around for a while now.