Imagine a world with no TV’s, no computers, perhaps even without phones. No, I’m not talking about a world where technology was whipped out by World War 3. On the contrary, I think that is the world where we are exactly heading towards right now.

You may be thinking “who cares? No one watches TV anymore”. A great point which actually gives more proof to my position. TV is much more than just a device to watch the news. It’s a screen for Netflix, YouTube, gaming and video-chatting.

Answer me this: what is one thing people love about technology. My guess is accessibility. You want to watch, listen and read at home, on your way to work, in the supermarket and even while you are staying overnight at your in-laws. Even in our own homes we sometimes wish we wouldn’t have to pause when we go from the living room to the kitchen to make a snack or have to use the bathroom.

Now add that to the things we already know for a fact. Every year technology allows us to make lighter, slimmer and bigger screens without a cost on quality.

So, what’s the vision?

Based on current technological advances my only guess is that TVs, and smart devices in general will all get slimmer up to a point they replace wallpaper. In a not-too-distant future our screens will be everywhere around our houses. They will follow our eyes or our heartbeats and light up on the wall, table or a mirror no matter what room we go to. And actually, I don’t think that’s a big stretch. We always wanted paper-thin, foldable screens. That’s something that tech companies such as Samsung are already working on. With current trends in mind, it’s natural to assume that the next logical step is to apply this technology to screens at home and the whole smart-home movement.

Why this and not the domination of Google Glass-type technology? There are several reasons but most importantly because people prefer a cinema-like experience to watching shows through special glasses. Perhaps there is a place under the sun for everyone and while using glasses may be a good way to capture your happy moments, Google Glass or even VR doesn’t seem to be practical enough to replace TVs. Today, or in the future.

But in the end, who knows? 50 years ago we imagined to have flying cars by now and yet, we still drive the same old way. Similarly, no one knows for sure what kind of a gadget may pop-up in the near future that may prove to be life-changing for everyone. All I can say is, that I can’t wait to see. We have many revolutionary technologies being developed now like 3D printing, self-driving cars, all sorts of robots, etc. Never before has society been so close to seeing how things are developed while they are being developed. One idea may spark a revolution half-way across the globe. Who knows?