Apparently, director Elizabeth Banks found her angels. The actress and director had already signed to direct the reboot of Charlie's Angels for Sony in 2015, but the project is only now consolidating.

The news was reported by Variety and it is thanks to the newspaper that we know that Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska have been chosen as protagonists. Banks will be the first Bosley woman ever seen so far.

We can not give much news about Charlie's Angels reboot but we certainly know that it will mark Stewart's return to the blockbusters after the last (and disastrous) attempt made in Snow White and the Huntsman where he acted alongside Chris Hemsworth

According to Variety's report, Charlie's Angels reboot will be released in USA on September 27, 2019.

In the old film version of angels: "Cameron Diaz, Drew Berrymore and Lucy Liu are a trio of irresistible and beautiful heroines, capable of any disguise and skilled in martial arts.When a criminal steals powerful computer software putting at risk millions of private data, the Angels enter action: Armies of ingenuity, muscles and futuristic gadgets and with the help of the faithful right-hand man Bosley (Bill Murray), Charlie's Angels are ready to face every n emico, even at the risk of risking their own life. "