Waiting to see the cinefumetto this April 25 in Italy, here is debut on the web of new promotional images from Avengers: Infinity War that reveals again, the look of the main characters of the film. Find all the photos in the image gallery at the bottom of the news.

The images show us, for example, a new look at the new armor of Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War but also a new potential villain … who will be?

It took ten years of stories to get to this point in Marvel Cinematic Universe . Started in May 2008 with Iron Man and with The incredible Hulk (produced together with Universal and, therefore, often 'forgotten'), the Marvel Cinematic Universe launched the idea dell ' Cinematographic Universe practically the universe of comics repeated at the cinema with a series of independent films but linked together by a main storyline that will culminate, as said, this April in Infinity War . After those two Marvel, unstoppable, has proposed over the years three films on Thor three films on Captain America two other sequels of Iron Man a film on Ant-Man and one on the Dr. Strange two films dedicated to Guardians of the Galaxy a film about Spider-Man (thanks to an agreement signed with Sony later) and two films about Avengers . From Wednesday 14 February the last piece is in theaters: Black Panther .

How interesting is it?