It is today Variety to confirm that the Oscar award John Ridley ( 12 Years Schiavo ) is currently collaborating with the producer Jason Blum to bring to the big screen an adaptation of Ridley's comic book, The American Way: Those Above and Those Below .

To direct the film we should find Ridley himself, so as to best transpose his own miniseries published in the 2017 under the label Vertigo by DC Entertainment. The American Way: Those Above and Those Below acted as a sequel to the 2007 graphic novel. The story was followed by a 1960s superhero team that was known as Civil Defense Corps . Then everything revolved around Jason Fisher's New American, a black man with super strength but with a limited pain threshold that will have to face the American people while the rest of the team will be torn to pieces by racism and from the murders

Not the first comic strip that ended under the aegis of Blumhouse since the Spawn of Todd McFarlane was already opted for an adaptation that will be directed by the same author of the comic and currently writing the screenplay. Other titles related to Blum are Get Out, Split and the saga of Insidious .

How interesting is it?