Launching the exclusive is the trusted Deadline information portal, according to which the South Korean director Jung Byung-Gil ( The Villainess ) is ready to return to the control room to direct the British actor Gerard Butler (Gods of Egypt) in the production of the futuristic adventure film Afterburn .

The film has always been one of the works that the interpreter of Leonida in 300 had in mind to develop (not by chance we talked about it already in the distant 2010), perhaps with the possibility of being able to start a real franchise because of the potential of the project. The feature film directed by the Asian film-maker will be based on the comic miniseries of the same name Red 5 Comics .

Afterburn tells the story of a massive solar eruption that hits the planet Earth and sweeps away Europe, Africa and Asia. In the midst of chaos, however, benefits can be gained. The former oil worker Jake ( Gerard Butler ) is well aware that he will improvise for the occasion treasure hunter and troubadour of valuable objects from the destroyed areas. Along the way, however, he will face unscrupulous military, rival hunters and survivors affected by mutation. The film is described as a futuristic action adventure in which all the technologies in Europe were destroyed as a result of the solar eruption. Five years later, Butler's character will come to France to recover the Mona Lisa. At his side there will be a resolute woman, an expert in weapons, who will team up with the protagonist in achieving the goal shared by the two.

If the development of the first film adventure were to go to port could clear the way to search for further precious treasures in the old continent and beyond.

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