Since last December 13th there has been no discussion of anything other than Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the official chapter of the saga that has almost completely split audiences and critics. Two net sides, one more fierce than the other: on one hand those who loved the film, despite the cut with the past and the new characterization of the classic characters, opposed to those who hated the film across the board, saving little and nothing. One of the elements that most destabilized the Force was certainly the character of Luke Skywalker, interpreted as tradition by Mark Hamill . Probably you have already seen the film and we will not make special explicit spoilers, certainly we found ourselves in front of a very different Luke than in the past, that the actor who plays him criticized a few days ago. "It is not my Luke" Hamill said during an interview, "the character we see at Ahch-to is only his shadow, he isolated himself thus renouncing the legacy of 'Order of the Jedi, formed by knights who never give up .. Probably would have taken a year to recover from all his troubles, not all this time. "

Renegate your name

The actor has in part also criticized some script choices of this new chapter, saying that "the original Luke would never have said such things, is a character belonging to a new generation.This gave me to think, I have often discussed with Rian Johnson, he needed a new Luke that was functional to his story and so it was, but it's not Luke by George Lucas, that's for sure ". Phrases that, of course, have triggered a real ruckus, especially among the most hardened fans who have not digested the film at all. As we were saying at the beginning, this film broke blatantly with some official and historical canons, with courage and decision, opening a new path to follow and trying to avoid the polemics of Episode VII – accused instead of having changed too little. So does Mark Hamill agree with those who support the frivolity of the project? Wrong, too simple, because a few hours ago the version just told has been completely reversed.

Returning to own steps

The American actor has confirmed, during an exclusive interview for IMDb , to have had big problems to accept the new nuances of Luke, but after seeing the film would be back in his footsteps. "Rian Johnson had a very special version of Luke in mind, it's true, it was not easy to accept everything, after watching the movie but I have to admit I was wrong, it's probably good to be out of the classic canons , if I had been a Jedi Benevolent teacher, with a big heart and ready to train a new student, he would have been redundant, an obsolete thing we have already seen Alec Guinness has already done it, I could not have done it better You have not even tried to accept the fact that Luke has changed, it's not the original trilogy, it's the new generation Luke. " That Mark Hamill had left out the overview, given only by the complete film and not by the script, and spoken against his new Luke too soon? What idea have you made of yourself?