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The Moonlight team refuses the invitation to attend the Oscar 2018 evening

Last year the highlight of the awards ceremony was partly "spoiled" due to the unwanted gaffe of Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. The two had announced as winners for the category Best Film the film directed by Damien Chazelle La La Land only to then retract and deliver the statuette to Moonlight .

In an interview with Deadline the television host Jimmy Kimmel called to conduct the most awaited event for the entertainment industry for the second time, revealed that the producers of the Oscars Jennifer Todd and Michael De Luca officially extended an invitation to the Moonlight team to repair the mistake made during the 89th Academy Awards: [19659004] " We gave them a moment of the evening and they answered that they were already doing well, they had already delivered their speech at the time of the victory and it is right to leave things as they are ".

'ancho rman del Jimmy Kimmel Live! on the ABC channel, did not specify who of the team of Moonlight received the invitation, but presumably it should be the producers Adele Romanski Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner together with the director and screenwriter Barry Jenkins . On the other hand we will see during the evening as a presenter Mahershala Ali the African American actor who last year won his first Oscar in the section Best Supporting Actor for the interpretation given in the feature film by Jenkins

Sunday, March 4 Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway will return to the stage of the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles to deliver again the coveted Best Film statuette to one of nine candidates for this year. Certainly the moment that precedes the announcement of the winner will be correlated by ironic comments that will follow the mistake made last year by the past duo to the history of cinema for having played Bonnie and Clyde in the film Gangster Story 1967 .

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Infinity War, unveiled new villain?

Waiting to see the cinefumetto this April 25 in Italy, here is debut on the web of new promotional images from Avengers: Infinity War that reveals again, the look of the main characters of the film. Find all the photos in the image gallery at the bottom of the news.

The images show us, for example, a new look at the new armor of Iron Man in Avengers: Infinity War but also a new potential villain … who will be?

It took ten years of stories to get to this point in Marvel Cinematic Universe . Started in May 2008 with Iron Man and with The incredible Hulk (produced together with Universal and, therefore, often 'forgotten'), the Marvel Cinematic Universe launched the idea dell ' Cinematographic Universe practically the universe of comics repeated at the cinema with a series of independent films but linked together by a main storyline that will culminate, as said, this April in Infinity War . After those two Marvel, unstoppable, has proposed over the years three films on Thor three films on Captain America two other sequels of Iron Man a film on Ant-Man and one on the Dr. Strange two films dedicated to Guardians of the Galaxy a film about Spider-Man (thanks to an agreement signed with Sony later) and two films about Avengers . From Wednesday 14 February the last piece is in theaters: Black Panther .

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Guardian Bravo in the new trailer for Pacific Rim

A new video released on TV by Pacific Rim – The revolt introduces us to the character of Guardian Bravo. In a context of action, the giant uses his electrically charged whip to try to stop the beast Kaiju, apparently without result, as it is seen a Jaeger thrown forcefully through the buildings.

"I loved the first film and one of the main reasons is Idris Elba " revealed John Boyega at at the New York Comic-Con. Boyega said he was enthusiastic about playing Elba's son.
"This is something I never imagined." I saw myself in a Jaeger and I said to myself "Oh, shit! You brought me here" .
Boyega's character seems to follow along the lines that of his father, played by Idris Elba . Jake will be an apple that will fall from the tree farther than expected: "We find him at the beginning of the film in different circumstances than his father" .
Also Scott Eastwood wanted to tell his point of view: "Jake is nothing without his best friend There are some problems to solve in the past" .
Steven S. DeKnight must collect heavy inheritance of Guillermo del Toro : "Guillermo prepared the table, we wanted to be sure that he honored what he created and expanded the universe, hopefully this is just the first step a bigger franchise We really wanted to honor the first film and move on, move up to ten years in the future ".
The cast of Pacific Rim – The uprising includes John Boyega Scott Eastwood Jing Tian Adria Arjona Charlie Day Burn Gorman Rinko Kikuchi Dustin Clare Karan Brar Nick E. Tarabay and Daniel Feuerriegel . The release is scheduled for the end of March in the United States.

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Jung Byung-Gil will direct Gerard Butler in the dystopic film Afterburn

Launching the exclusive is the trusted Deadline information portal, according to which the South Korean director Jung Byung-Gil ( The Villainess ) is ready to return to the control room to direct the British actor Gerard Butler (Gods of Egypt) in the production of the futuristic adventure film Afterburn .

The film has always been one of the works that the interpreter of Leonida in 300 had in mind to develop (not by chance we talked about it already in the distant 2010), perhaps with the possibility of being able to start a real franchise because of the potential of the project. The feature film directed by the Asian film-maker will be based on the comic miniseries of the same name Red 5 Comics .

Afterburn tells the story of a massive solar eruption that hits the planet Earth and sweeps away Europe, Africa and Asia. In the midst of chaos, however, benefits can be gained. The former oil worker Jake ( Gerard Butler ) is well aware that he will improvise for the occasion treasure hunter and troubadour of valuable objects from the destroyed areas. Along the way, however, he will face unscrupulous military, rival hunters and survivors affected by mutation. The film is described as a futuristic action adventure in which all the technologies in Europe were destroyed as a result of the solar eruption. Five years later, Butler's character will come to France to recover the Mona Lisa. At his side there will be a resolute woman, an expert in weapons, who will team up with the protagonist in achieving the goal shared by the two.

If the development of the first film adventure were to go to port could clear the way to search for further precious treasures in the old continent and beyond.

Would you like to see the transposition on the big screen of this comic miniseries? Tell us in the comments!

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Mark Strong promises a very funny film

Filming of the next cinefumetto DC Comics Shazam! has officially begun, and the actor Mark Strong who will play the villain Dr. Sivana in the film, spoke about the film in a new interview.

"Zachary Levi, who plays Shazam in the film, is a very funny person and I have no doubt that he will play that role with a little humor and it will make it interesting "explained the actor " I think the DC realized that he made a series of dark films, and now they found this that is very funny! There are some very funny moments in this film ".

And regarding his role as villain, Mark Strong explains: " Sinestro should have been the villain of Lanterna Verde 2. The last sequence saw him wearing the yellow ring and his costume turned yellow, and it was there that he became c active … I could not wait to be able to interpret it, but that film did not go well and the sequel was never made. So I realized that interpreting Sivana was another attempt to give life to a villain. "

We all have a superhero in us, we just need some magic to get it out. In the case of Billy Batson (Angel), exclaiming the word ' SHAZAM! ', this adopted boy of 14 years can turn into the adult SuperEroe Shazam (Levi), thanks to an ancient sorcerer. Still a child in his heart, inside a body of God and muscular, Shazam does what every boy would do with superpowers: he has fun with them! Can it fly? Does he have an X-ray view? Can he shoot rays from his hands? Can he skip his homework in class? Shazam decides to test his powers with the carelessness that only a child can have. But he must learn to control these powers quickly to face the forces of evil controlled by Dr. Thaddeus Sivana (Strong).

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Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin and Gugu Mbatha-Raw in the cast of Motherless Brooklyn

The cast of Motherless Brooklyn second career film directed by Edward Norton for which the actor will also be a star and screenwriter, is enriched with important names. The news of a few hours ago concerns the entry into the project of Bruce Willis Alec Baldwin Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Cherry Jones . The film will starring Willem Dafoe .

Motherless Brooklyn will be set in the '50s and will see the character of Lionel Essrog ( Edward Norton ), solitary private detective and affected by the Tourette Syndrome, engaged in investigations to solve the murder of his mentor and friend, Dranki Minna ( Bruce Willis ).
The secrets that Lionel will discover could forever change the destiny of New York
The cast was already part of it, together with Willem Dafoe Ethan Suplee Leslie Mann Josh Pais Fisher Stevens Michael K. Williams and Robert Wisdom .
Bruce Willis in 2017 he participated in the films Once Upon a Time in Venice d i Mark and Rob Cullen alongside Jason Momoa and to the film First Kill of Steven C. Miller with Hayden Christensen . In 2018 we will see it in the remake de The Night's Executioner in the role of Charles Bronson directed by Eli Roth .
Alec Baldwin at the center of media attention after the public defenses of Woody Allen in the story involving the director of Manhattan with his daughter, Dylan Farrow will appear this year in the film Emilio Estevez The Public alongside Jena Malone and Christian Slater and in Mission: Impossible – Fallout of Christopher McQuarrie together with Tom Cruise .
The British actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw known on the small screen for his participation in Black Mirror (San Junipero), and for the series Undercovers and Touch he starred recently and The Beauty and the Beast of Bill Condon The Cloverfield Paradox of Julius Onah published just yesterday on Netflix, and In the folds of time by Ava DuVernay

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Chris Pratt is the star of the Michelob Ultra commercial beer spot

The week of the Super Bowl, the most anticipated sporting event followed in the United States and in the rest of the world, represents an exciting period not only for fans of American football but also for those who regularly follow the world of football. 'entertainment. This year there will also be Chris Pratt in a commercial spot.

For the interpreter of Peter Quill / Star-Lord in the Marvel Universe and the Tamer Owen Grady in Jurassic World the participation within the promo of the beer Michelob Ultra most likely achieves one of the actor's dreams. The commercials during the night of the Super Bowl, whose match this year will be played Sunday 4 February and will see the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles challenge each other, bring millions of dollars to the organizers' boxes for a minute it is around thirty or sixty seconds each

A nice round of money, in short, if we take into account the compensation paid to the interpreter who is normally a famous face of the Hollywood star system. However, the event that assigns the title of champion of the National Fooball League is basically a world showcase that repays in economic terms and visibility companies that invest in the commercials (just think that the last final was seen at is about 113.7 million viewers ).

Pratt will not be the only known face in the commercials aired this year, in fact they will join also other stars like Cindy Crawford Tiffany Haddish Morgan Freeman Matt Damon Danny DeVito and Peter Dinklage . For the occasion, the American actor continued his harsh training regimen to make sure he was in optimal condition during filming.

In order to see the spot, all you have to do is go back over the news.

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official trailer for the new Netflix horror film

Netflix has released the official trailer for The Ritual a new horror that will arrive on the digital platform next February.

Based on the novel of the same name written by Adam Nevill the film is directed by David Bruckner (V / H / S, Southbound) and sees the presence in the cast of Rafe Spall (The Big Short, Prometheus), Robert James-Collier (Downton Abbey, Spike Island), Arsher Ali (Line of Duty, Four Lions) and Sam Troughton (Robin Hood, Alien vs. Predator).

The protagonists are four friends from the university period who, after the death of a member of their group, decide to make a trip to Scandinavia . After changing their path, the protagonists will find themselves in an area where they live an ancient evil entity that begins to hunt them down.

Below you can also view the official poster of the film, which will be available on the digital platform from February 9, 2018.

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the Russo brothers produce the new film by Evan Glodell

The brothers directors Anthony and Joe Russo have announced that they will produce, through The Russian Brothers Studio Canary the new written film, directed and performed by Evan Glodell who will play alongside Olivia Dudley . The company of the Russo brothers was born with the aim of supporting the most interesting independent projects

Canary will tell the story of a couple who one day discovers a car that modifies the emotions of the people hidden in their home. The two get caught up in the situation and become dependent on the device, inexorably changing Nature and opening a portal that leads straight to hell.
The first film by Evan Glodell Bellflower was nominated for two Independent Spirit Awards and other awards. The second feature, Chuck Hank and the San Diego Twins will be released at the cinema this year.
Anthony and Joe Russo have lately become very well known for directing some films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe including Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War whose first part is scheduled for this spring. [19659003] Evan Glodell has revealed himself as one of the most interesting young filmmakers in the US scene and now even the Russo brothers seem to have focused on him, giving him the opportunity to bring to the big screen the story of Canary .

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interview with Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep

On the occasion of the preview to the Italian press of his last film, The Post, the director Steven Spielberg arrived in Milan together with the two protagonists of the film, Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep . All three attended the press conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Milan. Here is the record of the meeting with journalists.

Q: Did you choose to shoot this film because you believe that press freedom is threatened?

Steven Spielberg : "I believe that Freedom of the press is a right that allows journalists to be the true guardians of democracy.This is what I was taught when I was young and remains an incontrovertible truth.When Nixon tried to deny this right to publish and make known the Pentagon Papers and even it took a Supreme Court ruling, as the Court of Appeal had effectively prevented the New York Times from continuing with the publication, it was truly an unprecedented act and it was the first time it happened American Civil War Today we find ourselves once again observing the real threat to freedom of the press and this means that there is an absolute relevance of those facts of 1971. I have the story discovered thanks to the screenplay by Liz Hannah and Josh Singer. "

Q: What were the reactions of the American press?

Steven Spielberg : "From the American press we have had a lot of support and demonstrations to support the film, a press that has to repulse every day the attacks that the administration has to fight against misinformation, and too often sees using very easy labels like fake news, when a story that is published does not appeal to the president.The film has met with much support beyond the political message and the defense of freedom of the press. for the figure of Katharine Graham, for this woman who was so beautifully interpreted by Meryl Streep, she found herself at the top of her profession with a great difficulty in finding a voice that would allow her to assert herself, in a world ruled by men, both in the profession and in the society itself.

At such a crucial time this voice found it putting everyone to their I believe that the emotional core of the story of my film concerns precisely this figure of a woman who manages to be herself and find a voice. And for the first time in my career I found myself portraying a complex human relationship like the one that existed between Katharine Graham and Ben Bradlee. I had a huge fortune to be able to work with two great actors like Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. "

Q: Meryl Streep, what can a figure like Katharine Graham teach today's women?

Meryl Streep : "The screenplay was written by Liz Hannah and was purchased by Amy Pascal six days before the election. We all thought it would be a look back a bit 'nostalgic and that would have been a very interesting screenplay in view of a woman president, because it was something that everyone took for granted. Instead, the day of the election came, and then an increase in hostility to freedom of the press, an increase in attacks on women. Something that was shown right at the top, at the height of our government. In a certain sense it was a bit of a reflection on what we have not done and how much work we still need to do. "

Q: Is courage to be learned or is it necessarily something innate?

Meryl Streep : "First of all we can say that the courage we are talking about in this film originated from Daniel Ellsberg, a person in a certain sense close enough to the institutions. He had worked for the government, for the RAND Corporation, for the State Department, and had been a journalist soldier who had decided to challenge the law against espionage and to steal the documents to get them to New York Times' Neil Sheehan. With this publication the American people have come to know something terrible.

Four administrations had lied to the people and President Nixon was doing everything to suppress freedom of the press. It was an act of great courage on the part of this woman, head of this newspaper. A woman who almost felt she was not in her place. Courage can be learned. I think Katharine Graham has learned it but we do not teach her enough to our girls. Ben Bradlee, so beautifully portrayed by Tom Hanks, was a man of great courage. He decided and agreed to put everything at risk, just to tell the truth. I believe we should teach it to our young people. Learn Courage. "

Tom Hanks : " The great Ben Bradlee was a very competitive man. A beast. He had a great passion, a great determination to have a story in his hands. Not just any story but History. In June 1971, the Washington Post was in competition with the Washington Star, which at the time was the number one newspaper in Washington DC
And the idea that the NYT could have a story that the Post did not have, kept Ben awake Bradlee the night, because this made him mad. "

Q: Meryl, you're one of the most active Hollywood stars in the fight against violence against women Why did it take so long?

Meryl Streep : "Because human beings are beings that learn very slowly. But it is certainly not a new battle. I can not say the reason why it took so long, but one thing I know: I know that the air has changed. It's changing. And this is not happening only in Hollywood, but in the military, in various sectors, in every workplace. The situation is changing, it is changing. There was this great openness because the names that are written in large letters in Hollywood have come out thanks to the rebellion of these women. People felt brave, they felt able to do something. I predict that there will perhaps be a few steps back but then we will continue to move forward. "

D: Steven Spielberg, what do you think is the current state of things in the relationship between man and woman? [19659002] Steven Spielberg : "To answer your question I should probably be the greatest novelist, I should be a qualified sociologist or the host of an important talk show on American broadcasters that also broadcast in Italy. I should be the classic person to whom everyone is asking for advice and has no problem giving advice to anyone. But let's talk about an absolutely archaic theme, which dates back to the dawn of time. It has so many centuries of history behind it, on which rivers of ink have truly been written in the form of novels, books and essays. Movies were made, series and mini-television series were made. Women have shown throughout the story that they have the strength to break the mold in which men force them to be and try to make them stay. I certainly do not have the right competence to be able to provide exhaustive and correct answers but I think that precisely because of the examples that the story reports on the ability of women to find their place, to be leaders and to have a say, I think that the problem is mainly for men.

They are the men who have not yet learned, they have not yet shown the will to be able to control themselves, to behave in an absolutely adequate way, to accept a 'no' as an answer. As long as men are unable to accept a 'no' as a response from a woman, this struggle for power will continue. I hope that the film we have shown can inspire many women. Women who like Kay Graham, have difficulty in having their voice. Women who can finally find the courage to impose themselves. "

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