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Also Xavier Dolan among the new cast members of It: Chapter Two

With the upcoming filming, Deadline confirms new members in the cast of the expected It: Chapter Two second episode of the acclaimed film adaptation of the eponymous novel by Stephen King who, released last year, has grossed the overwhelming box-office around the world.

The first member to enter the cast of the second episode is the actor Will Beinbrink ( Cellular ), an interpreter of Tom Rogan who, both in the original novel and in the miniseries of the 1990s, was Beverly's boyfriend; the other new entry – a little more surprising – is the acclaimed actor and director Xavier Dolan ( Mommy ), who will give the face to the character of Adrian Mellon, a gay boy of Derry who was attacked by the bullies

Recall that this new chapter will see the Club of the Losers return to face Pennywise years after the first episode. Bill Skarsgard will return to play the clown in the sequel, directed again by Andy Muschietti .

To interpret the protagonists in their adult version there will be James McAvoy (Bill), Jessica Chastain (Beverly), Bill Hader (Richie), Isaiah Mustafa (Mike), James Ransone (Eddie), Andy Bean (Stan) and Jay Ryan (Ben).

Barbara Muschietti, Roy Lee and Dan Lin will be the producers; the screenplay is signed by Gary Dauberman. The shoot – contrary to what was announced – reveals the site, will start only next month

It: Chapter Two will debut in US theaters on September 6, 2019.

here's what we know about the film "out" from the DCEU

In the following news we will try to bring you all the news that has come out so far – including rumors and news not yet confirmed – concerning the film in which Joaquin Phoenix "should" play the character of the Joker .

"Should" because, although the news has been reported by a lot of sites and has also been around for several months (since February), there has not yet been the official with a press release or anything else on the fact that it is really Joaquin Phoenix the protagonist of the original story dedicated to Prince of the Crime by Gotham.

We also say that, at 99% could be a real news, since the film will be a low budget film, without the use of extraordinary special effects, from the estimated production budget around 55 million dollars . And, as perhaps those who follow Phoenix's work will know, he is not opposed to high-budget films, but prefers to choose the projects to participate in if (and only if), they say something about his artistic sensitivity and, in general, the small productions and the independent films match a little more with the profile of the "committed" actor.

The director of the film on the Joker will be Todd Phillips and, as reported by Omega Underground, production should start in the fall, towards the end of September, it will be set in the 80s of the last century, and the shooting will start in New York. Martin Scorsese will produce the film

It is possible that some official announcement will be given by Warner Bros at the Comic-Con in San Diego, but we can not say for sure. This film will be completely detached from what we commonly know with the name of DC Extended Universe which is part of the other project dedicated to the character of the Joker, the one with Jared Leto that , according to the latest news, has been recently confirmed for a single movie.

The latest news we can give you regarding this project is that it should be released under another label, different from Warner Brothers, but this also must be officially confirmed, as the actual presence of the villain holder with the face of Joaquin Phoenix . In the meantime, as you can see from the image at the bottom of the news, we show you how the actor might appear in the role of Joker or, at least. as it appears in the minds of the artists who created these fan art, which have been around for a while now.

Geoff Johns leaves DC Entertainment … but will write Green Lantern Corps!

New jolt to the DC Entertainment which follows the news of the abandonment of the president Diane Nelson a few days ago. The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that also Geoff Johns has decided to 'abandon' the study and its role within the division.

But its " goodbye "will be less painful than that of others. In fact, instead of being one of the presidents, Geoff Johns decided to take a step back and become a producer / writer of productions DC Comics / Warner Bros. Pictures. The acclaimed screenwriter has launched Mad Ghost Productions a production company that will deal with film, television and comics projects.

Johns will take the place Jim Lee much loved artist in the world of DC comics. " I decided to take the job because I love this universe and these characters more than anything else." Johns explained to the site "But I want to spend my days writing on the set. excited to be able to return to a more creative role.It's a dream job on dream projects. "

Johns' first job in this new (old?) dress will be to write the announced but to long delayed Green Lantern Corps., a new film adaptation focused on the Green Lanterns, which will also be responsible for the production. With the announcement, Mad Ghost Productions has confirmed that both Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be featured in the film.

For DC he also wrote the episode "Doom Patrol" of the new TV series Titans who should launch the spin-off series Doom Patrol

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here is the Wasp of Michelle Pfeiffer in the new Poster

Thanks to the official posters released for Ant-Man and the Wasp we can take a first look at Janet van Dyne, the character played by Michelle Pfeiffer the Catwoman of the second Batman by Tim Burton .

In the anticipated sequel to the 2015 film, Ant-Man, who is under house arrest following the events of Captain America: Civil War, with Hank Pym's help will be team-up with Wasp (Hope) to try to defeat Ghost, the villain of the film

Ant-Man and The Wasp directed by the director of the first chapter Peyton Reed is written by Erik Sommers Andrew Barrer Gabriel Ferrari and Paul Rudd, the protagonist of the protagonist Scott Lang. of the cast, in addition to Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer we also find vangeline Lilly Michael Peña Walton Goggins, Hannah John-Komen, Bobby Cannavale, Judy Greer, Tip Harris, David Dastmalchian, Abby Ryder-Fortson, Randall Park, and Laurence Fishburne .

The release of the film in theaters is scheduled for July in the USA, while for the Italian debut we will have to wait on August 14.

Below you can find the Poster of the protagonists, including Michelle Janet Van Dyne Pfeiffer.

Alexandra Shipp shows a new look for Tempesta

After the words of Evan Peters regarding the tone of X-Men: Dark Phoenix more details about the film could be reached by one of the protagonists. Attention follows possible spoilers.

Tempesta, the character of Alexandra Shipp appears in one of the many cameos of Deadpool 2; in particular in the cameo in question we see a rapid appearance of the main members of the X-Men, right inside their institute.

At first sight the characters that we see most are Xavier, Bestia and Quicksilver, but Ororo is also present, whose look was promptly posted on the actress's instagram profile.

As you can see below, the long platinum hair is very different from the crest that Tempesta sported in X-Men – Apocalypse; will this be what we will see in the next film of the saga?

The release in the halls of X-Men: Dark Phoenix has been postponed not long ago, and is scheduled for February 2019. Will again part of the cast James McAvoy Sophie Turner Evan Peters Nicholas Hoult Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence Tye Sheridan Kodi Smit-McPhee and Alexandra Shipp to whom she will join Jessica Chastain .

Orlando Bloom is a candidate like Captain Brittany

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly expanding. As we know, the president of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige is developing Stage Four (and beyond) of the Cinematic Universe, preparing the field for numerous other unseen characters on the big screen .

One of these characters – who could potentially debut on the big screen in the next few years – is Captain Brittany. The same Kevin Feige had hinted that the possibility of seeing the superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was very high: " We discussed it.There are many actors who came from us to talk about that role … we'll see … ". This statement was followed by many requests – from various actors – ready to play the role of Brian Braddock (the civil name of the hero), including Simon Pegg. To these must be added Orlando Bloom .

The star de The Lord of the Rings and de The Pirates of the Caribbean unveiled, during a radio interview, to be ready to wear the role of the superhero if he was offered the part: "I read the Marvel comics as a kid, at least a little 'I would like to interpret the British … Captain Brittany! Clearly, Bloom in the interview suggests that he does not know much about the character and lets out no-sense statements: "He has a terrible costume, however, and you already have Captain America, so what do you do? against Captain America? ".

Rob Zombie shows the first picture of Three From Hell and teases us about the release date!

For fans of Rob Zombie finding out that The Devil's Rejects would have had a following was a big surprise. The film will be titled Three From Hell and the director showed the first images depicting Bill Moseley as Otis Driftwood and Sheri Moon Zombie as Baby Firefly.

Zombie also wrote that we will not see the film before 2019 but the release month is not yet known. The social images that the director has posted show an angry Otis with the caption "Exclusive of" A Three From Hell! A shot of angry Otis who takes it with the media after a long day in court. Justice! Liberate the Three! "

Even the image related to the character of Baby Firefly seems to be shot in a court.

So we will soon see what awaits us from this second film in the saga. The Devil's Rejects the main characters die in a room where a great shooting takes place and so there was a bit of confusion about how a possible sequel could be made, except for the hint of a possible plot , which would have seen the protagonists confront directly with the devil!

On this sequel Zombie told Trunk Nation: "We have finished filming it, but the film will remain stalled until I return from the tour , at the end of August or at the beginning of September? I do not remember exactly when the tour will end. However, after that we will begin to modify something and we will work on it until the end of the year. The editing will last five or six months, and we will do everything in my house, in what is also my recording studio. "

So we will see the film in 2019.

Denzel Washington is Robert McCall in the new movie poster!

Here is the new poster of The Equalizer 2, with the Oscar winner Denzel Washington who returns to play the role of the avenger. Take a look at the poster after the jump!

"In the first film, Denzel Washington played the role of the former black ops commando who, by simulating his death, had begun to live a quiet life in Boston, but when he returned to the fray to find to save a girl, Teri ( Chloë Grace Moretz ), is facing the dangerous Russian gangsters, whose mission is to avenge the oppressed and fight against those who brutalize the defenseless and, while fulfilling these tasks, in him the desire for justice awakens If someone has a problem and has no one McCall will help him because he is The Equalizer. "

here is Adam Driver in the new official clips

The first official clips of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote the "accursed" film by Terry Gilliam which fortunately will be screened at Cannes, were released online

director was admitted to London as a precaution for a slightly disturbing state of health, but he personally assured that he will attend Cannes for the screening of the film, which won a brief but painful lawsuit to be shown at the Festival, as established by the Court of Paris.

The film, you will remember, after being accepted by the organizers, was at the center of a legal dispute between Gilliam himself and his former producer, Paul Branco, who sued him for alleged production rights and distribution on his film

Nonetheless, Indiewire said that Amazon Studios – which has invested heavily in the project – will no longer distribute the film in the United States, in Canad and in the United Kingdom, with Branco who firmly supported the decision of the study, made in his opinion to defend the interests of the producers.

To see the completion of this project we have already waited over 25 years, we would say that we can wait some more another month. Meanwhile, on these pages you can admire the official trailer of Gilliam's acclaimed film with Jonathan Pryce, Adam Driver, Olga Kurylenko, Stellan Skarsgard, Jordi Mollà and Oscar Jaenada .

At Star Wars Story, Han's band gathered in the new international official poster

While Solo: A Star Wars Story marks a record of presales and grows more and more waiting to see in theaters the new spin-off of the saga directed by Ron Howard here continues today the promotional campaign of the film, which now gives us a new international poster.

The poster today is Chinese and shows the band of Han gathered together, from Lando to Beckett up to the beautiful and mysterious Qi'ra obviously including the inevitable Chewbecca . In the background warm colors and an Imperial cruiser ready to attack, while the bottom planet should be the one seen in the trailers, where the academy is probably for pilots. And the group is inside the legendary Millennium Falcon.

Solo: A Star Wars Story will explore everything that fans hope to see on the "mythology" of Han Solo – from his beloved Millennium Falcon of Lando Calrissian at his first shot, when he joined the team of Tobias Beckett ( Woody Harrelson ) and meets a long-standing member, Val ( Thandie Newton ).

Recall that next year, however, will be released Star Wars: Episode IX third episode of the new trilogy started in 2015 with Star Wars: The Force Awakens and continued last December with the divisive Star Wars: The Last Jedi . The third spin-off in production at Lucasfilm is one entirely focused on the character of Obi Wan Kenobi .

Solo: A Star Wars Story sees in the cast also Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover Emilia Clarke and Paul Bettany and is expected in Italian cinemas on May 23rd.

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