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He-Man and Skeletor will be brothers in the reboot of Sony!

Following the announcement of the directors, more details emerge on the plot of the reboot that Sony Pictures is preparing around Masters of the Universe .

As reported by Variety a couple of weeks ago, Sony Pictures chose semi-unknown directors Aaron and Adam Nee to direct the reboot for the big screen of Masters of the Universe . The two brothers replace David S. Goyer ( Batman Begins, The Man of Steel ) who remains in the project as writer and executive producer of the film.

Thanks to That Hashtag Show, however, we can find out a few more details about the plot that will have this new adaptation: the biggest change regarding the canon set by the famous animated series is that He-Man and Skeletor will be brothers.

In the film , King Randor will be presented as the great king-warrior of Eternia, a descendant of the Grayskulls and father of two sons: Adam and Keldor! At the beginning of the film is the heir to the throne and his brother, Adam, is the youngest, the least comfortable and ultimately the black sheep of the family. While the relationship between Adam and his father is anything but idyllic, Keldor is instead the perfect son, loved by his father … until the future of Eternia is not threatened. With his kingdom in the balance, Randor puts his people first, betraying Keldor and triggering a series of events that will lead him to become the iconic Skeletor.

Apparently, Adam will try to form a super-group of warriors to fight and defeat the brother. At the moment there is no mention of the Sword of Power, whose end is to transform the prince into He-Man, but probably will be present.

Directed by Aaron and Adam Nee Masters of the Universe is based on the series of toys by Mattel starring the character of He-Man, which led to an animated series in the two years 1983-1985. In 1987 came the first film adaptation, directed by Gary Goddard with Dolph Lundgren in the role of He-Man and Frank Langella in those of Skeletor. In the film also appeared a young Courteney Cox in one of his first roles on the big screen.

further look at Brie Larson in new photos from the set

While his most anticipated film of the year has just been released in theaters, Avengers: Infinity War Marvel is already at a fairly advanced stage of filming Captain Marvel .

Thanks to Hollywood Pipeline we can take a look at a handful of new photos leaked from the set, in which we see the heroine protagonist (Brie Larson) in full action: the actress is engaged in a chase scene and in the location we can also notice the presence of a telephone booth, object with which the younger audience will not be very familiar

In Captain Marvel, directed by the duo Anna Boden-Ryan Fleck Carol Danvers' Lost / Captain Marvel is played by the actress Brie Larson . In the film we will see his origins and his battle with the Skrull race and the famous conflict between alien races, Skrull-Kree. But not only that: the film will bring back to life other 'historical' characters of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Being set in the nineties, we will see many characters before their appearance in the Cinecomics Marvel Studios arrived at the cinema during these years. For example we will see Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) before the loss of the eye and his appearance in the first Iron Man of 2008, but also two characters of the Guardians of the Galaxy as Korath ( Djimon Hounsou ) and Ronan The Accuser (Lee Pace). Moreover, we will see nothing less than Phil Coulson, who will have the face once again of Clark Gregg killed by Loki in the first The Avengers and then 'resurrected' in the spin-off television series Agents of SHIELD still in progress. In the cast there will also be Jude Law in the role of villain, Mar-Vell

Captain Marvel will debut in US theaters and probably also in the rest of the world on March 8, 2019. On these pages you can also read the review of Avengers: Infinity War.

an unreleased shot from the set with Christopher Reeve re-emerges online

The magic of the web: in the last hours an old photo emerged from the network from the set of Superman the legendary film Richard Donner starring the unforgettable Christopher Reeve .

Considered the true forefather of the American cinecomic, Superman (also known as Superman: The Movie ) came out in theaters in 1978 immediately becoming a global success and launching the career of the then unknown Reeve, who unfortunately will remain permanently anchored to the character of the Man of Steel failing to impose themselves in high roles, despite being very gifted.

The repertory photo shows us precisely Reeve with the dress of Superman intent on raising a taxi with a finger. Always very popular, the character of Krypton's last son acquired even greater popularity thanks to Donner's film and Reeve's natural interpretation. The franchise started in 1978 then continued with Richard Lester in Superman II and Superman III and died definitively because of the critical and commercial failure of Superman IV of Sidney J. Furie of 1987.

Reported at the cinema in 2006 by Bryan Singer with Superman Returns the universe of superhero par excellence was rebooted in 2013 by Zack Snyder and his The Man of Steel first chapter belonging to the so-called DC Extended Universe. To date, the character is still played by Henry Cavill who also portrayed him in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League both directed by Zack Snyder. Some recent rumors would like the return of Cavill in the character in a cameo in Shazam! out in April 2019. We just have to wait and wait for the new adventure of Superman on the big screen!

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John Ridley and Jason Blum together for the film adaptation

It is today Variety to confirm that the Oscar award John Ridley ( 12 Years Schiavo ) is currently collaborating with the producer Jason Blum to bring to the big screen an adaptation of Ridley's comic book, The American Way: Those Above and Those Below .

To direct the film we should find Ridley himself, so as to best transpose his own miniseries published in the 2017 under the label Vertigo by DC Entertainment. The American Way: Those Above and Those Below acted as a sequel to the 2007 graphic novel. The story was followed by a 1960s superhero team that was known as Civil Defense Corps . Then everything revolved around Jason Fisher's New American, a black man with super strength but with a limited pain threshold that will have to face the American people while the rest of the team will be torn to pieces by racism and from the murders

Not the first comic strip that ended under the aegis of Blumhouse since the Spawn of Todd McFarlane was already opted for an adaptation that will be directed by the same author of the comic and currently writing the screenplay. Other titles related to Blum are Get Out, Split and the saga of Insidious .

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Infinity War, Captain America fights an Outrider in these wonderful Action Fi

Steve Rogers will have abandoned his "framed" personality by Captain America, when the events of Avengers: Infinity War will begin, and this gallery of images Hot Toys presents several new revelations …

Avengers: Infinity War is on the horizon and Hot Toys continues to divulge images of his splendid action figures, which will be released for the release of the choral film on the Avengers. Today, it is the turn of Captain America : the former leader of The Avengers is fighting with one of the monstrous Outriders of Thanos.

The action figure is very detailed: Captain America is in 1/6 scale, and is meticulously crafted based on the real aspect of Chris Evans in the role of Captain America / Steve Rogers: the incredible resemblance.

The collector's item, from 'very realistic appearance, is characterized by a new head carved in detail, complete with hair and beard, a completely new body that shows the muscular body of Captain America, a pair of shields from the technologically advanced nation of Wakanda and a specially designed film-like support and a mysterious weapon that must still be revealed.

Take a look and tell us if you like them!

In Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, while the Avengers continue In order to protect the world from threats that are too big to be managed by a single hero, a new threat emerges from the cosmic shadows: Thanos, a despot of intergalactic infamy. His goal is to collect all six Infinite Gems, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will throughout the universe. All the battles that the Avengers have fought have led to this: the fate of the Earth and of the very existence has never been so uncertain.

We will see Cap in Avengers: Infinity War on April 25th at the cinema.

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Infinity War, Hawkeye has his poster created by the now famous BossLogic!

In Avengers: Infinity War we will see all the Avengers united against Thanos; unfortunately, though, the Marvel Studios merchandise is intensifying, we have not yet seen the character of Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner. The digital artist BossLogic has therefore created a poster for him, similar to the official ones.

A few days ago the Marvel Studios revealed a series of character posters of the characters of Avengers 3, individually. As we know all too well though, Clint Barton / Hawkeye by Jeremy Renne r, once again was absent from the promotional material. Now, however, BossLogic has created a poster for Occhio di Falco which shows the "Forgotten Avenger" with the costume reminiscent of the alias of Ronin, that Clint takes, at some point , in comic stories.

The caption of the post of BossLogic reads:

"BossLogic ✔ @Bosslogic Eye of Hawk @ Renner4Real @Russo_Brothers #InfinityWar #LeaveNoAvengerBehind: D"

What do you think? Do you like this fan made poster?

In Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War, while the Avengers continue to protect the world from threats too big to be managed by a single hero, a new threat emerges from the cosmic shadows: Thanos a despot of intergalactic infamy. His goal is to collect all six Infinite Gems, artifacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will throughout the universe. All the battles that the Avengers have fought have led to this: the fate of the Earth and of the same existence has never been so uncertain.

Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo in the film there are, between the other performers, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Don Cheadle and Tom Holland.

Avengers: Infinity War arrives 25 April!

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Zack Snyder wants you to believe his infamous "Snyder Cut"!

Zack Snyder may have launched his biggest reference to the actual existence of the Justice League Snyder Cut. The road to the release of Justice League is a complicated story, and all the details are still coming out, albeit very slowly.

However, the only thing that seemed to have been made clear, is that the filming of Joss Whedon produced a "cut" completely different from that of Zack Snyder , as it had originally meant it, before it was fired from the project .

Numerous significant changes were made to the film by Whedon, among them the most brilliant illumination, and very, very saturated colors ; in addition, there was the addition of more bars and a new ending that did not create the conditions for the sequel originally planned by Zack Snyder; Superman then, it was completely re-filmed (with some very famous CGI and very showy to hide Cavill's whiskers); and some scenes have been completely cut, including many of those seen in the trailers

Although it seems that the original footage did not change too much the result or final length of the film, it seems that part d i Cyborg has been significantly eliminated by Whedon: Ray Fisher ended up not having much space.

Now, Ray Fisher published an image from one of his deleted scenes of Justice League on the social network Vero True Social. The scene in question is taken from the football game of the first trailer and, along with the image, Fisher has also included a message that reads "Life does not always go as we design it. The only thing we can do is continue trying to pursue what we believe in. #BORGLIFE #LoveRay "

The message seems innocuous enough, but given the context provided by the included image, it is not hard to suppose that it refers to the disappointment about the cutting of his character in Justice League. The second part could easily be a simple motivational phrase that pushes people "to believe" in general, in their own strengths, but again, there could be a hidden implication, which instead invites the fans to "believe" in the possibility of the existence of one Snyder Cut. It would be easy to eliminate all the guesswork on that last part, if it were not for the fact that Snyder himself immediately posted another shot from the same scene, tagging Fisher and writing: "Believe. #BORGLIFE."


There was an important debate about the current state of Snyder Cut (and also about the existence of the "cut" of the director), and if this it was also quite complete – before Snyder was fired – to be released in the future.In many people said no, there was nothing, but Snyder has repeatedly teased all with elements of the cut, which diverge from the final Joss Whedon, or posting images from deleted scenes, in short, Snyder, and even Fisher, believe that there may be a chance to see his version.

If Snyder's trust in the matter is a plausible indicator, it is possible that we will soon feel something on the status of the project, not just see snacks on social media. Warner Bros. is probably the biggest obstacle to ever seeing Snyder Cut but who knows, all we can do for now is to wait and see what happens.

Synopsis: On the Wake of the death of Clark Kent / Superman ( Henry Cavill ) at the hands of Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the vigilante Bruce Wayne / Batman ( Ben Affleck ) re-evaluate his extreme methods and begin the search for extraordinary heroes to assemble a team of crime fighters in order to protect the Earth from looming threats. Together with Diana Prince / Wonder Woman ( Gal Gadot ), Batman hires the cybernetically modified former football player Victor Stone / Cyborg ( Ray Fisher ), the sprinter Barry Allen / Flash ( Ezra Miller ) and the Atlantean warrior king Arthur Curry / Aquaman ( Jason Momoa ). Together, the Justice League will face the fearsome Steppenwolf ( Ciarán Hinds ), the second herald in command of the alien warlord Darkseid, commissioned by the latter to find three powerful artifacts hidden on Earth. [19659010] How interesting is it?

Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis in the first official trailer of the film Netflix

Netflix today released the first official trailer of Kodachrome, an interesting road trip movie directed by Mark Raso which will star Ed Harris and Jason Sudeikis in the respective roles of father and son

Written by Jonathan Tropper the film tells the story of Mark Ryder (Sudeikis), convinced he can travel with his father always a stranger and now dying, Benjamin (Harris), across the country to deliver four old Kodachrome film rolls to the last laboratory in the world capable of developing them, all before it is finally closed. The two will undertake the journey together with Benjamin's nurse, the beautiful Zooey to face the changes from the analogue to the digital of the modern era and trying to leave the past behind.

Based on a famous article signed by AG Sulzberger and produced among others by Shawn Levy, Dan Levine and Leon Clarence Kodachrome will see in the cast also Elizabeth Olsen in the role of Zooey, for an upcoming release on Netflix next April 20. The same month, moreover, we will find with great pleasure the Olsen in Avengers: Infinity War of the Russo brothers, where it will resume its role as Scarlett Witch while Ed Harris will always return in April as Man in Black in the highly anticipated second season of the exceptional Westworld at home HBO .

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Fallout, Cruise hanging from a helicopter in the new official image

It is thanks to Empire Magazine that we can show you today a new official image of the highly anticipated Mission: Impossible – Fallout, the sixth chapter of the adrenaline adventures of Ethan Hunt directed by Christopher McQuarrie who will once again star the star Tom Cruise .

In the sixth chapter of the 1996 franchise Ethan Hunt and the IMF team will be engaged in a race against the time following an unsuccessful mission

The film is produced by Bad Robot Productions of JJ Abram s and Skydance Media. The photograph is edited by Rob Hardy (Ex Machina), while the scenographic department was created by Peter Wenham (Captain America: The Winter Soldier).

After Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, Oscar-winning director Christopher McQuarrie is back behind the camera to direct Mission: Impossible – Fallout on the basis of a screenplay he has completed. In the artistic cast there are also Simon Pegg ( Benji Dunn ), Rebecca Ferguson ( Ilsa Faust ), Michelle Monaghan ( Julia ), Henry Cavill Angela Bassett Alec Baldwin ( Alan Hunley ), Sean Harris ( Solomon Lane ) and Ving Rhames ( Luther Stickell ).

In the United States Mission: Impossible – Fallout will be distributed by the Paramount Pictures on 27 July 2018, while in Italy we will have to wait for 30 August .

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a video-essay asks, "What do we want from a film in the saga?"

After the controversy generated in the aftermath of the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi a video-essay tries to turn a question right to the audience of fans of the saga.

In the video, created and shared in streaming by Patrick Willems the latter confesses fascinated by the reaction of the fans to a film in the Star Wars saga. Especially after the release of the last chapter, the eighth, directed by Rian Johnson. Willems points out that, despite the film being a success both critically and publicly, a huge slice of fanbase in the saga has bitterly criticized, perhaps more massively than all the other episodes released so far.

Willems Thus, he tries to reconstruct the story of the original trilogy and the birth of the fanbse and after the lapse of time until the arrival of the new trilogy George Lucas to end with the creative freedoms granted to the last two film of the saga. Willems final advice? Jump aboard a time machine, convert the latest films into VHS and deliver them to the younger version of ourselves in the past, so that all the notions introduced into the canon and considered divisive by fans today, are assimilated once and for all. [19659002] On these pages you can take a look at the Solo Musica version of the last film of the saga, ready for home video from March 27.

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