For fans of Rob Zombie finding out that The Devil's Rejects would have had a following was a big surprise. The film will be titled Three From Hell and the director showed the first images depicting Bill Moseley as Otis Driftwood and Sheri Moon Zombie as Baby Firefly.

Zombie also wrote that we will not see the film before 2019 but the release month is not yet known. The social images that the director has posted show an angry Otis with the caption "Exclusive of" A Three From Hell! A shot of angry Otis who takes it with the media after a long day in court. Justice! Liberate the Three! "

Even the image related to the character of Baby Firefly seems to be shot in a court.

So we will soon see what awaits us from this second film in the saga. The Devil's Rejects the main characters die in a room where a great shooting takes place and so there was a bit of confusion about how a possible sequel could be made, except for the hint of a possible plot , which would have seen the protagonists confront directly with the devil!

On this sequel Zombie told Trunk Nation: "We have finished filming it, but the film will remain stalled until I return from the tour , at the end of August or at the beginning of September? I do not remember exactly when the tour will end. However, after that we will begin to modify something and we will work on it until the end of the year. The editing will last five or six months, and we will do everything in my house, in what is also my recording studio. "

So we will see the film in 2019.