In the past few hours Deadline has announced the news that Sony has agreed to produce through the house Platinum Dunes the screenplay for a new horror written by Patrick Melton e Marcus Dunstan .

Platinum Dunes recently released the horror boxing A Quiet Place – A Quiet Place directed by John Krasinski and starring Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt .

The new film for the moment has only been described as "a Christmas movie currently untitled", but some sources have suggested that the script of Melton and Dunstan will follow the atmospheres of Scream and I know what you did . The project was brought to Sony by Aaron Janus executive producer of A Quiet Place .

Melton and Dunstan are known mainly for the screenplays of some films of the franchise of Saw and other projects such as The Collection and The Neighbor . They are currently working on the highly anticipated horror series Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark together with the Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro, who will produce and co-script the project that will be released the year next

A Quiet Place earned $ 331.7 million at the world box office from a budget of only $ 17 million, earning in a very short time the status of a real cultural phenomenon. The film is currently available for the home-video market, and a sequel is already in progress.