The wait lasted a long time, but finally Star Wars: The last Jedi was released on December 13th in Italian cinemas and 15th in the American ones, obviously winning the race for the best opening weekend of the year, with a worldwide collection of 450 million dollars . A crazy opening that, however, failed to exceed 247.9 million of The Awakening of the Force loss certainly acceptable as well as widely anticipated. But going beyond the numbers, the film Rian Johnson was also one of the most divisive episodes of the entire saga, especially among the ranks of fans, who gave the new chapter one of the worst evaluation scores of series. But we will take care of this at another time, given that today we want to celebrate with you the return of Luke Skywalker, Rey and Kylo Ren going to analyze the film in search of easter egg, of hidden cameos and various references to the past, so as to have a general picture of the content and quotation fullness of a chapter as controversial as it is interesting.


Eggs in the Galaxy

We start right from the beginning, although in reality it would be the resumption of the final of the JJ film Abrams, that is the moment of the passage of the Laser sword from Rey to Luke. Exactly when the girl gives her legendary weapon to the Master, in fact, it is possible to notice on the back of his mechanical hand (the right) a sort of scar, a mark, which is the same that Luke obtained during the fight over Pozzo Sarlacc in The Return of the Jedi. And continuing from Ahch-To the daily life of the self-imposed Jedi in exile, made of walking, fishing and finding food from indigenous peoples, is still shown here, but they are not the Porgs . In the film we see Luke milking udders to a huge creature in siesta mode on the island's cliff. The drink, similar to milk, is green, and also the way to drink it is a reference to the blue milk drunk in A new hope with his uncles, in one of the very first scenes in which he appears. And it is always Luke to mention Darth Sidious second time in eight chapters of Star Wars, since the character called the Emperor Palpatine by name only in a small connective fragment of the prequel trilogy . Another curiosity is that the dissolvments during the telepathic contact between Rey and Kylo Ren in the reprisal of the First Order are the same as when Luke mentally reaches Darth Vader after their fight in L 'Empire strikes again.
Palese is instead the inclusion of the message of Leia sent to Obi-Wan with R2-D2 in New hope, among other things, the driving force of Luke's storyline , since it is precisely that message shown to him by R2-D2 that finally convinced him to train Rey. During Luke's final illusion, this tells Kylo Ren that " if he kills him, then he will never leave him ", clear reference to the words uttered by Obi-Wan during his fight with Darth Vader in Una new hope. The gold dice of Han Solo donated by Luke to Leia can be seen for the first time in chapter IV, but neither in The Empire strikes again nor in The Return of the Jedi are shown, although we suppose have always been there, in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon .

Originally they were real gold-plated dice, but for the last Jedi they were redesigned and made more "spatial", with similar symbols to the dice seen at the casino of Canto Bight . And at the end, before reuniting with the Force and dying, Luke witnesses the sunset of two suns, clear reference to the binary sunset on Tatooine planet where he began his journey. And reconnecting with Luke's disappearance, the finale shows us an unknown child, an ordinary person, admiring the stars in a similar way to how old Jedi looked young at Sunset on Tatooine, imagining a life full of adventures. That then maybe that little boy will live them, once he grew up, since Rian Johnson was chosen as the curator of another second new trilogy, untied by Skywalkers and with new characters.

Similarities and cameos

Going down into territory more quoted, when the Fathiers (the big horse-dogs) are freed and run away through the streets of Canto Bight, at a certain point the liquid of a rippling glass is framed, and is obviously a quotation at the Jurassic Park of Steven Spielberg (where among other things Laura Dern interpreted the Dr. Ellie Sattler ). The clash in the throne room of Supreme Leader Snoke despite having its own clear visual style, has many structural similarities with the clash in the Palpatine hall in The return of the Jedi : Rey is in fact, handcuffed just as Luke was, and Snoke removes them with the use of the Force at a distance just like Palpatine did; climbing into the hall, Rey tells Kylo Ren that " there is still some good in him ", just as Luke told Darth Vader when he surrendered on Endor ; Snoke's Praetorian guards are dressed in red just like Palpatine's; Rey tells Snoke that he is too sure of himself, just as Luke told the Emperor; Snoke forces Rey to look out into space while the Rebellion resists, just as Palpatine did with Luke showing him the ambush on Endor: we could go on again, because the whole sequence seems to be a unique quote.
And finally, after the analysis of one of the most quotative and saga-related sequences of the series, we arrive at the cameos. The director of Rogue One, Gareth Edwards makes a brief appearance on Crait in the role of a soldier of the resistance, next to the soldier who takes some of the substance on the surface of the planet with his finger and then exclaim "it is salt! ". Also the director Edgar Wright (Baby Driver) and the writer Joe Cornish (Attack the Block) have some cameos in the film, but Rian Johnson did not want to reveal which ones, so at the moment Unable to know it

The master of codes that Finn and Rose are in charge of meeting on Canto Bight, then, is none other than Justin Theroux ( The Leftovers ), adequately made up for the occasion, even if easily recognizable. Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who worked with Johnson in Looper) is credited in the credits as the voice of a certain Slowen-Lo the alien who reports Finn's ship and Rose to the Canto Bight police. The name of the character is a quote to a song by Beastie Boys since Slowen-Lo is nothing but a reformulation of the title of the piece " Slow and Low " of the famous band. In the sequence where Finn and Rose are captured by the First Order, there are a few notable stars to dress as Stormtroopers, such as Tom Hardy and Gary Barlow . Among these there were also the Princes William and Harry but they were then cut from the final assembly. And to conclude in The Last Jedi there is also an alien based on the forms of Gary the beloved little dog of Carrie Fisher which can be admired on Canto Bight. One of the many ways to greet and thank the late Princess.