Adam McKay recently confirmed that the title of his biopic dedicated to the figure of the former vice-president of the United States Dick Cheney will be Vice .

director, known to most for the film The big bet has also updated via Twitter on the status of the project (which have not yet been disseminated nor official images nor trailer) stating that " after some further adjustments ", the film will be ready for its release in December

Vice will mark the second consecutive collaboration between McKay and the Oscar Christian Bale called to a 'another physical transformation to take on the role of Dick Cheney.

The film is composed of a rich cast, with many known actors called to interpret unusual characters. Amy Adams will be the wife of Cheney, Lynne, Steve Carell (also he The big bet ) will be the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, Tyler Perry will play Colin Powell, Allison Pill will be Mary Cheney while Sam Rockwell has been given the role of former President George W. Bush.

Vice will focus on Cheney's career, from the days when I was CEO of Halliburton, until he became Vice President during George W. Bush's double term. In an interview with Deadline, McKay explained why he was so fascinated by Cheney's character:

" I always found Cheney charming. I wondered what made him do what he did, what his convictions were. But the moment I started digging into his life, I was thrilled to see how much he helped shape modern America and how shocking the methods he used to achieve the power he then had were . "