Warner Bros. CEO, Kevin Tsujihara believes that the DCEU can not succeed by attempting to copy Disney and Marvel. After numerous attempts to launch a universe shared around DC superheroes, the Studio took off officially in 2016 with Batman v Superman after laying the foundations with The Man of Steel .

Justice League a few months ago, brought together the best heroes in the world for the first time on the big screen: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.
The film was considered by some of the project's participants as the most anticipated superhero movie of all time. Unfortunately, the cut with which the film was set was rather confusing, not to mention the lack of key scenes, for which it obtained critical acclaim from both critics and the public.
Warner Bros. immediately the mockery of many fans, both DC and in general, especially for trying to copy Marvel with Justice League . The CEO of the Studio, Kevin Tsujihara admitted that trying to replicate what Marvel is doing would not benefit the DCEU at all: "Warner Bros. needs to keep doing what he always has done: producing and doing more and more business We can not do what Disney has done It worked really, really good for them, but it's not what we are We have to keep creating a film program for the future, of all genres. "
Warner Brothers initially it was probably the most successful Studio for the production of comic strip films, until the Marvel Studios dethroned it, especially with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Apart from the various DC films, the trilogy on a more successful superhero is that of The Dark Knight of Christopher Nolan . It is interesting to note that in the past the projects of Nolan, together with projects like The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter were the prerogative of Alan Horn now president of the Walt Disney Studios and supervisor of both LucasFilm and Marvel Studios.
The next projects by DC will be Aquaman of James Wan and Shazam! of David F. Sandberg .

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