He was expected and in fact arrived on time as the angel of death: the ANAC the national association of film authors, issued a statement against the decision of the Venice Film Festival to reward with the Golden Lion the film Netflix Rome of Alfonso Cuaron .

You can read the official press release below:

" The ANAC – National Association of Film Authors , together with FICE [Federazione Italiana Cinema d’Essei, ndr] and ACEC [Associazione Nazionale Esercenti Cinema] consistently with what was declared at the press conference of the exhibition in July in Rome, reiterate their opposition about the choice of having included in the Venice competition some films not intended for vision in the hall, unlike what the Cannes festival had decided. In full respect of the choices of the jury chaired by Guillermo del Toro and without detracting from the high quality of the film "ROMA" by Alfonso Cuaròn, winner of the Golden Lion, ANAC, FICE and ACEC consider unfair that the Biennial brand is a vehicle marketing of the NETFLIX platform that with huge resources is putting in difficulty the system of Italian and European cinemas. The Golden Lion, symbol of the International Film Festival, which has always been financed with public resources, is the patrimony of Italian spectators: the film that bears it should be within everyone's reach, in the proximity rooms, and not exclusively subscribers of the American platform. ANAC, FICE and ACEC reiterate the request to the director Barbera to review his position for the next year, while asking the Minister of Culture to launch with the utmost care rules that also regulate from us as it happens in France a fair chronology of outputs on different media . "

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