The latest film of the franchise of Friday 13 dates back to 2009, a remake that was co-produced by Brad Fuller . According to what was revealed in the following years, a new sequel was due to go into production in 2017 but the project is over with forgery. Fuller recently explained the reasons for this rather sudden stop.

"There were a couple of things … I think there was concern about the rights, we never received a clear answer from Paramount about why that movie was canceled I think the old administration did not see in the horror genre a fundamental part of what they were doing.Many of these studios want to make films with big stars and I think they have never been passionate about the project. to the New Line ".
A cause could also be the period in which it was initially designed: " At that moment the sequels did not go well, I think of The Ring 3 ".
A question of rights and problems that have blocked the project at the moment.
The franchise of Friday 13 is very rich in chapters after the 1980 film, Friday 13 directed by Sean S. Cunningham and starring Betsy Palmer in the role of Pamela Voorhees and Adrienne King in those of Alice Hardy.
The last remake dates back to 2009, directed by Marcus Nispel and direct sequel to the first film, the twelfth chapter in which Jason is featured.