Venom the new Sony cinefumetto belonging to Spider-Verse, arrives in theaters on October 4th and now the protagonist, Tom Hardy, has decided to publish the IMAX poster of the film on his social account.

The closer the Venom release date is, the more the hype rises to the stars. Certainly Tom Hardy the protagonist of the cinefumetto, knows it well and then decided to divulge via Twitter the image of the poster that will advertise the screening of the film in the IMAX rooms.

As you may know, Venom will be a film in PG-13 and so it will not be as violent as many fans expected. This is because, we had also reported in some previous news, there is the hidden hope that one day the character can also peep in Marvel Cinematic Universe (in a film by Spider-Man for example, or vice versa) that, being property Disney can not divulge too extreme contents.

However, it also seems that a different, uncensored version of the direct film could be released from R uben Fleischer who declared to Fandango:

"I can not exclude anything, we'll see."