Zack Snyder may have launched his biggest reference to the actual existence of the Justice League Snyder Cut. The road to the release of Justice League is a complicated story, and all the details are still coming out, albeit very slowly.

However, the only thing that seemed to have been made clear, is that the filming of Joss Whedon produced a "cut" completely different from that of Zack Snyder , as it had originally meant it, before it was fired from the project .

Numerous significant changes were made to the film by Whedon, among them the most brilliant illumination, and very, very saturated colors ; in addition, there was the addition of more bars and a new ending that did not create the conditions for the sequel originally planned by Zack Snyder; Superman then, it was completely re-filmed (with some very famous CGI and very showy to hide Cavill's whiskers); and some scenes have been completely cut, including many of those seen in the trailers

Although it seems that the original footage did not change too much the result or final length of the film, it seems that part d i Cyborg has been significantly eliminated by Whedon: Ray Fisher ended up not having much space.

Now, Ray Fisher published an image from one of his deleted scenes of Justice League on the social network Vero True Social. The scene in question is taken from the football game of the first trailer and, along with the image, Fisher has also included a message that reads "Life does not always go as we design it. The only thing we can do is continue trying to pursue what we believe in. #BORGLIFE #LoveRay "

The message seems innocuous enough, but given the context provided by the included image, it is not hard to suppose that it refers to the disappointment about the cutting of his character in Justice League. The second part could easily be a simple motivational phrase that pushes people "to believe" in general, in their own strengths, but again, there could be a hidden implication, which instead invites the fans to "believe" in the possibility of the existence of one Snyder Cut. It would be easy to eliminate all the guesswork on that last part, if it were not for the fact that Snyder himself immediately posted another shot from the same scene, tagging Fisher and writing: "Believe. #BORGLIFE."


There was an important debate about the current state of Snyder Cut (and also about the existence of the "cut" of the director), and if this it was also quite complete – before Snyder was fired – to be released in the future.In many people said no, there was nothing, but Snyder has repeatedly teased all with elements of the cut, which diverge from the final Joss Whedon, or posting images from deleted scenes, in short, Snyder, and even Fisher, believe that there may be a chance to see his version.

If Snyder's trust in the matter is a plausible indicator, it is possible that we will soon feel something on the status of the project, not just see snacks on social media. Warner Bros. is probably the biggest obstacle to ever seeing Snyder Cut but who knows, all we can do for now is to wait and see what happens.

Synopsis: On the Wake of the death of Clark Kent / Superman ( Henry Cavill ) at the hands of Doomsday in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice the vigilante Bruce Wayne / Batman ( Ben Affleck ) re-evaluate his extreme methods and begin the search for extraordinary heroes to assemble a team of crime fighters in order to protect the Earth from looming threats. Together with Diana Prince / Wonder Woman ( Gal Gadot ), Batman hires the cybernetically modified former football player Victor Stone / Cyborg ( Ray Fisher ), the sprinter Barry Allen / Flash ( Ezra Miller ) and the Atlantean warrior king Arthur Curry / Aquaman ( Jason Momoa ). Together, the Justice League will face the fearsome Steppenwolf ( CiarĂ¡n Hinds ), the second herald in command of the alien warlord Darkseid, commissioned by the latter to find three powerful artifacts hidden on Earth. [19659010] How interesting is it?